Why cant we use these abreviations?


CTD - Circling the Drain (A patient expected to die soon)
GLM - Good looking Mum
GPO - Good for Parts Only
TEETH - Tried Everything Else, Try Homeopathy
UBI - Unexplained Beer Injury[/align]

All from this link: bbc linky thing

My favourite; GROLIES (Guardian Reader Of Low Intelligence in Ethnic Skirt). Not the usual grolies from military use!
An MO I went skiing with told me of TUBE - Totally Unnecessary Breast Examination. Make me chuckle!
T F Bundy Totaly f*cked but unfortunately not dead yet
Prescribed ADT - any damn thing.
WOFTAM Waste of fucking time and money often seen on A&E notes in the old pre-PC days!
Not an abbreviation, but a term used by psych nurses just sprung to mind:

"Neuroleptic deficiency syndrome."
I'm currently reading Ben Elton's "The First Casualty".

In the book, he refers to a "NYDN centre", saying it is/was a Royal Army Medical Corps acromym, and that the Army didn't like the term "shell shock".

I am wondering if the acronym "NYDN" for "Not Yet Diagnosed - Nervous" is fictitious?

EDIT: A Google search seems to indicate it is an authentic acronym.
wot about FUBAR! f##cked up beyond all repair.
FUBAR f**cked up beyond all repair.
BUNDY buggered up not yet dead. :D
Markintime said:
STAFA used to be pencilled on the top of recruits medical notes if they were of the whinging type.

It stood for Softer Than A Fcuking Airman
Ho! Ho! Ho! I like that! They are soft as sh1te too!

How about RAF - Run Away Fast?

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