Why can't we strike like the French?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jarrod248, Jun 3, 2013.

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  1. We really are a pathetic lot with powerless unions. We have nice weather, what do we do? We go to work, we really are too industrious for our own good.
    With a bit of careful planning we could be blockading ports on little boats enjoying the sun. We could drive on ancient tractors blocking roads. We could stop air traffic control and take a well deserved rest in the sun.
    Why do we get it so wrong?
    The French have lovely holidays, chuck Romanians out, drink wine and have a relaxing summer.
    I think we need some ideas of how to become more like the French or privatise strikes with a contract given to our friends across the channel.
    Do we need a Facebook campaign? How do we make our Summers more leisurely? Any ideas chaps? Emsav needn't reply the know it all cunt.
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  2. What would we do, refuse to: draw benefits, shoplift, housebreak.....we don't make cars, mine coal, or make steel anymore and service industries are exposed, if they refuse to serve the customer votes with his feet.

    What we need is quite traditional: heads on spikes, broken broom-handles up arses, bloodstained cobbles, pitchforks and torches...the return of the irate mob.
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  3. That doesn't sound as relaxing as a fishing trip or riding old farm machinery while pissed on the EEC wine lake.
  4. Has the football season finished already?
  5. Pah! It's all that Thatch's fault I tells thee.
    If only she hadn't destroyed the TU Movement striking and bringing down the Government would still be British sports we could be proud of.
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  6. You probably have a point my mate had to go on strike one fine summers day as there was no salt in the pit canteen.
    The French are laughing at us.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    However, we would also need to:

    Approve of the Scots.
    Forgo roast beef.
    Speak a language now on the high road to extinction and which everyone laughs at, particularly at 'le weekend'.
    Have low self esteem, particularly in the presence of Germans.
    Make do with history books crammed full of inglorious national episodes.
    Live our lives in the knowledge that there are far better men just a quick swim of the English Channel away.

    I prefer working on sunny days whilst remaining incorruptibly resistant to foreign nonsense. 'Vive l'Anglais' I say.
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  8. No, we don't have to get rid of everything just try and be a bit more continental, drink some wine now and again and relax, that sort of thing. Try some Frites maybe while we strike and perhaps a lager.
  9. Quite right. They have some nice women though if you look outside the tourist-infested hell of Paris.

    "J'ai un Tour Eiffel pour toi dans ma pantalon!" is an ice-breaker I can recommend.
  10. That's why they don't have a lot of foreign investment, impossible Unions and Employment rights. Most of the big industries in France are state owned, and make the NHS look like the epitome of efficiency.
  11. Yes but we're doling out money to the lot of them so it's time we took a bit of a back seat and had more of a sedentary lifestyle. How efficient do we really want to be? I'd like long lunches and wine and maybe some boys toys.
  12. That's the spirit vive L'Angleterre.
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  13. I can see it now in my crystal testical....a simple yet effective measure which will cripple the British High Street and may even dent Gregg's imports of rancid horse lard.................."until the government buckles and responds favourably to our demands ALL OF BRITAIN'S CHARITY SHOPS WILL REMAIN CLOSED!"
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  14. Having problems with your word order?
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  15. Probably because the country is full of aliens.