Why cant we land at Batus ? :(

Discussion in 'Canada' started by ArtfulDodjar, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. After an intense debate about the worst experience we've had in Batus one was was the bus ride from Calgary airport to Crowfoot on the white freddy bus with no heating.

    Then came the argument of why cant the RAF land at the airstrip at the camp, surely the airstrip is long enough for the RAF to land, and it doesn't take that many Crabs to unload/load/fuel/check the aircraft?

    So my question ladies and gentlemen is why cant we use this airstrip and why do we have to land at Calgary and suffer the 3 hour coach strip waiting to see that damn beacon in the distance to appear? :?
  2. While the strip at BATUS may be long enough to land some AT on, when was it last tested and certified for its load-bearing capacity, is there enough hard-standing at either end to turn the aircraft around and back-taxi to the exit, who's going to pay for the installation of modern lighting, the installation, maintenance, and calibration of approach aids, the provision of crash crews?

    Where would you like to put refuelling facilities, baggage-handling, pax terminal, security, feeding?

    Oh, and if the wind isn't blowing straight down the strip, you're going to Calgary anyway, as there's only one choice of runway.

    Additionally, Defence Research and Development Canada have been launching UAVs from Suffield, so you might find it busy at times.
  3. That will be that then, Wise words
  4. When I was there, it was certainly (heavily) tested when some of the pilots walked out to their cabs.

    And probably some of the BATs as well. :wink:
  5. 2,8kms of 300ton runway is needed for a wide bodied jet, last runway built from scratch at Mount Pleasant Falklands cost just short of £300.000.000 and took 3 years, with a workforce of nearly 5000 people, It's only about 150 miles to Calgary Airport from BATUS

    Edited for smartarse
  6. 150 miles from Mount Pleasant Falklands to Calgary Airport?

    FFS! Somebody needs a new sat nav. :wink:
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I was in one of the first 747s to land at MPA and BATUS was better eqqipped, hell even Wainright was!
  8. Could be worse! Remember in the old days when an aircraft went t1ts at Calgary you had to turn around and face another journey back to 'Crowfoot'? Not anymore as far as I know as soon as you leave you're in the hands of the RAF and they, well the ATLO has to put you up in hotels! 8O It happened to the last time I was out there in 03, wasn't to bad for me as I was working in Calgary anyway! :wink:
  9. Are there any 5* hotels & restaurants at BATUS?

    Where are you going to put the aircrew?
  10. At the end of last years Medman 5 a group of the Royal Welsh drove all the way to Calgary, did all the checks etc... Got on the plane, then apparantly those GMC with the stairs bolted to the chasis, the ones that get you onto the plane, nudged the plane, so the poor b*stards had to get off the plane and come back to crowfoot while the plane was checked out :D
  11. 1985?
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Correctomundo! Mind you equipped isnt what I would use to describe MPA then!
  13. Badly named.

    RAF Unpleasant would have been a lot more apt!
  14. RAF Unfinished when I was there, which is why I 'flew' out on the SS Uganda.
  15. The first aircraft to land at MPA was a C130 that crash landed there after haveing an in-flight argument with a Seaking, killing the crew of the helecopter