Why can't we have big sideburns

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Dvr4eva, May 17, 2013.

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  1. You must be bored.
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  2. A little,

    However it's a topic that has always pissed me of. I myself do not have massive chops. mine are neat tidy and just a little below half way down the ear they are smart and I think look good so what's the drama

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  3. Or a Martini-Henry and bayonet with some guts behind it, Butty!
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  4. Have you been watching ZULU recently?
  5. I can, this is me.


    But then, I am weak and civillian and don't have to wear a respirator anymore.
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  6. Mate the resi does not sit flush on my sideburns I'm a CBRNI and have been exposed to shit loads of CS with no signs of my seals being broken. Further more I was a mil instructor at trg regt last year and some guys that are allowed full on face hair and beards due to their religion were fine and wasn't exposed

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  7. That made oi larf out loud!
  8. Dvr, you in any airborne Unit?
  9. Chop your ears off and sew them back on higher up to give the illusion of longer sideburns.
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  10. Hey, what's wrong with Lego? - The Milenium Falcon model my kids want costs over £100!
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  11. No, i was going to say if you were the RLC lot tend to think its required
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