Why cant we act like civvie firms? (/TA Promotion)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. It would be so simple if we did, I go for a year out from my current branch letting someone else into my slot. I go to a remote new branch and help train them up, get an excellent report and then return with a promotion. (Also proving I've got over a number of personnal problems during this period). Suppose this is like problems Bde Training Teams face on returning to their unit.

    If it was a civvie company it'd be a very good plan, I can be replaced in my current region easily and I'd bring a lot of experience to a branch in another region, but with the TA my hard work would be ignored outside the new branch/region and returning to my current branch/region means I re-start at the bottom of the pile (with any previous baggage intact).

    Suppose put another way, a CSM/SSM or SQMS/CQMS (and others) can do their job very well regardless of their cap badge. So why should WO2 Bloggs have to move to a unit 100 miles away, when another corps in the same TAC and/or city has a vacancy (in another corps/regt) and they are best for the job?
  2. Sad fact of life but if an employee of BT went out to drive for ASDA, once he returned to BT his experience would count for nothing.

    For different cap badges, think different civi company, not a remote branch of the same company.
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Sounds like a great plan, once the TA becomes the single cap badge, single function "Reserve Army". Then there will be no requirement to consider career planning within individual units to ensure that soldiers and officers get the opportunity to fill posts required for subsequent promotion.

    Everything will become a free for all as there will be no need to worry about who does what job, as long as someone is doing it. If you have been working your way up to being SSM of the Sqn you joined so many years ago, and are desperate to implement the changes you have dreamt of for so long but someone else jumps in before you because they live closer and they need to tick the SSM box, that will be ok. Won't it?
  4. No your talking about different employers, not different departments which the different cap badges are.

    Sorry don't get your post at all. Surely you need more career planning to ensure soldiers get the post they want.

    Why should a soldier get the CSM/SSM slot in his Sqn? I know of a number of underperforming units that will breed crap WO2's. Surely movement would increase competition and quality, just like civilian life and regular army. This regimental/Sqn 'train set' mentality doesn't benefit the TA as a whole, it may have worked in a large TA but not in this small organisation we now are. Market forces, etc

    I'm probably a bit selfish with this post but in my regt 3 of us are going for the same slot, although their are 1-2 vacant slots in neighbouring Sqns but they offer zero promotion prospects as RHQ is 212 miles away (/4 hrs). The reverse applies to our Scot/Southener/Brummie Sqns, SNCO's/officers would be better going to local Signal Regiments to gain promotion (or other cap badges)
  5. Still on the selfish part of my post: If the TA was a civvie firm, they'd move me to the Sqn to the North (they're taking on my current Sqns role) but I'd still have the oppurtunity to move back to my current location. In the current TA world, its more likely I move to the troop thats re-roleing within my current Sqn (so I more than likely loose rank but Sqn maintains it's numbers)
  6. If only because there will be no promotion. Or, and let's be blunt about this, jumping out of aircraft.
  7. If it was a civvy firm someone in HR would have been promoted for finding an excuse to sack your whining ass. :roll:
  8. sarcasm bites!
  9. You must be on Fuller's Earth cause you aint on this one chucky egg.
  10. Someone fetch Polar's pills... he's having another episode...
  11. The civvie equivalent of this is that you quit your job and dissapear for a year and then you want to return to the company and force out the person that the company took time and trouble to replace you with. F and O are in the sentence you would be greeted with.
    Such is life :(
  12. Sorry don't follow your logic at all, the civvie and regular equivalent is going to work within the company elsewhere [an example would be moving from BT Sheffield to BT Darlington and then coming back] or getting a posting to another unit. My point is you wouldn't be career fowled as a civvie or a regular if you did this, who's gonna get the next step up??
    Person in neighbouring Sqn or persons already within regiment.

    F+O!!!! You highlight the problem so eloquently, so its regt first and complete disregard to service with the TA and same Cap Badge. Regt system went many many years ago, why some people in the TA wish to perpetuate it I don't know

    Are we not allowed one army topics if it involves SNCO's?
  13. No wonder I never went for officer.

    Problem: 4 vacanies, 4 applicatants

    (Arrse) Officer Solution: Demote 2 applicants and return them to troop/platoons and leave the two vacancies with unqualfied stand ins, who cares it's in a different regiment.
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You are an SNCO? God help your mess - it must be a bundle of laughs!

    What you are asking for is to pick and chose which appointment you wish to fill entirely dependant on it's location, without regard for cap badge, Corps or who else within that existing unit may be lined up for that post. How would you feel if someone from outside your unit suddenly appeared in the post you covet just because they lived close and it would suit their career aspirations? Feel a little annoyed, I would guess.

    The answer within your unit is simple - if there are 3 of you going for the same post, run a grading board. Best man for the job gets offered it, losers get the option of a posting elsewhere, or hoping to pick up the position the next time the job is boarded. It pays to be a winner.

    (PS My Bn HQ and the nearest other company is nearly 200 miles away, and we still have to manage careers within a Coy location.)
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Or whole brigades of non-deployable ration thieves (sorry, members of a broad church) either. It will be a brave new world I tell you! :wink: