Why cant troops join a union or strike? (The Guardian)

Well it had to happen, The Guardian is now jumping on the federation/union bandwagon, but have they missed the point?

Discontent among the British armed forces has prompted calls for an association to represent the rights of the country's servicemen and women, according to a report in this newspaper this week. A body along the lines of the Police Federation has been suggested.
But should the government go further and allow troops to enlist in a trade union ... and the right to strike
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I can't see much wrong with the report myself. Before a Federation becomes a reality there will be far more in the media than this.
Well they certainly need some one to look after their interests especially after way they have been thrown to wolves by this Government just to try and look good to the human rights groups. Charges have been weak and have hung over their heads for years before being thrown out of court. Yet the Police seem to get away it, and the reason I say this is due to a number a cases were every thing has been dealt rather easily. there was a case of the Police in East London shooting dead a man carrying a chair leg, locally the Police raided a flat to arrest a man and shot him dead in bed while he was naked. What excuse the Police Officer come up with "he was frightened and this caused him to shoot the man" . Now when look at what our soldiers have face with suicide bombers and ambushes and they still get pulled up into court, then yes they need people to look after their interests.
Ah, the art of misinformation! The spin-doctors have obviously briefed 'friendly' press to discredit the idea of a federation in the eyes of the public by constantly bringing up the idea of it being a union with a demand / right to strike. There will definitely be more to come and in light of the media referring to ARRSE (at least in a round-about manner) as the driving force, all that we can do is to continue stating here that it is a federation that is being proposed and that one of the base principles is that it will NOT be a union and there is NO call for the right to strike.

PTP, can you make the Proposed Brit Armed Forces Federation - 10-Point Summary thread a sticky?
A trade union would fundamentally never work in the Army (or any of the forces), but i believe that has been covered in depth in other threads!

What grips my sh1t about this is, the press have yet again just got hold of one bit of a story and blown it up without thinking about what it is saying. It is sensationalist press reports like this that will sink the federation idea. And if it comes to pass, the likes of the guardian will just step up to take credit for it, without understanding the fundemental needs and principles of what the serving members need or want!

Military nurses are also members of the RCN, a trade union despite its rather pompous name, and one which has advocated strike action in the past.

The simple fact is that the Government can't stop the formation of a federation. What with Reid and Ingram having both been full-time trades union officials, one does wonder just what they're worried about - perhaps if they stopped judging by their own shabby standards things might be clearer.
It is very heartening to see that the powers that be are scared of a Federation to the extent that they're spinning like mad via the media - the media after all do not care about the truth, merely about writing stories that sell papers so they'll print any old guff they're fed.

Full speed ahead then !
OS and DB, in my opinion you are both right in what you say. Soldiers do not want the right to strike nor should there be a need for it. I think there is some pride in the fact that we will not strike. If there was a federation then there would be a body looking out for soldiers intrests that could inform the media. Who believes what comes out of the Government and Whitehall yet this is our interface with the media? We live in a society where everyone wants more and number one comes first. Compared to the RAF and Navy our Messes are a joke and we pay more for the privillage. This is a known fact but where is the redress? I don't want to strike about it but I would like to think there is another avenue of complaint other than going through OC/CO. Please don't suggest I write to my MP or speak to the Padre! I would also like to think a federation would also be able to keep bodies such as the AFPRB in check. It would certainly make them think twice about 5 star hotels, club class travel and slashing LOA which is their current MO.

I think the Federation will be a hot issue this year and the media are testing the water. Get ready for lies, missquotes, articles by Andy McNab, building up, knocking down and every other concievable media trick. In the end if it all looks good the media and Reid will step in for credit, BaFoon might even suggest it was his idea. Lets not get to excited yet, the Guardian article was nothing to get your knickers in a twist about.
Don't forget it was our very own Minty McGinty (Audrey Gillan) from the Guardian who raised this in the first place makin it front page news last week.

Don't knock the Guardian you might not agree with everything the print but thye have far more integrit than a lot of other papers.
exile1 said:
The army may never go on strike but.......the navy has mutineed a few times :roll:
You'll find some interesting snippets if you look for references to mutinies in the army ... they most certainly have happened, just not across-the-board.
I think that a the level of FOS and disinformation being circulated is being done either on behalf of, or by the very people a federation could legally point a spotlight on for incompetance and poor decision making on. No one in high office would like a legitimate body dragging the masses od dirt up to the surface which has continually been hidden year after year by people in positions that they should have never risen too.
Typing quickly to get this in first....

What's the point of being able to vote in a ballot if you can't vote in an election?