Why cant QM functions be contracterised?

Starightforward question, it seems that the QM dept is really a hangover from the old army. Most if not all of the functions could be done by contracters couldn't they?
yep, great idea, in fact we could privatise the whole army, the Royal Army Bupa Nursing Corps, Group 4 grenadier Guards, the whole peacetime army could be privatised, the only problem I foresee is if we have one of those war thingies...


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Please try and stay up to date wherever possible mate I notice on a lot of topic you’re behind the curve. There will be a non military civil servant (or contractor) in these posts soon. Under project Allenby and another one I forget.

I can see no reason to have an extremely expensive military staff in a non deployable unit.

The problem is simply what capacity you lose, having seen the preliminary contracts we will have to plan in a timely manner (less scope for panics) and more flexibility.

This said, I can see no reason not to expand contractoristion into the non deployable part of the forces.
If you sell the pass to outsourcing contract, you will get ripped off, inadequate service and no attention to complaints. These people can write Agreements and Service Standards that equal that bloke Faust. Trust me - I was one and there is loadsamoney wedge in it for sod all work.
OldRedCap said:
, you will get ripped off, inadequate service and no attention to complaints.
I'm not sure I would notice the difference.

If you think its difficult getting kit out of a military run clothing stores then you haven't seen anything yet.

Quite a few RAF stations have civvy contractors running clothing stores and its a test of endurance getting an item of kit you're entitled to off them, let alone a bit of gash.

The expression "you'd think they bloody owned the stuff" couldn't more aptly be used to explain the staff of these stores. At least a uniform behind the counter might be able to empathise with you wanting one of those Gucci new wind proofs because after all, the stacker may have spent a bit of time living in muddy holes too and will know the difference a Gucci bit of kit can make to your morale when up to your eyeballs in slop. Some fat, inbred local who couldn't get in to the military who has been told "guard it with your life" isn't going to see quite so eye-to-eye with you.

I agree there is a place for civilisation (such as the accountancy and local purchase parts of stores) but I'd rather have a real military person behind the counter when I go to get some more socks.

Also a problem found on many units that have civvy clothing stores is lack of 'out-of-hours' service. Although there is a service duty supplier the clothing stores (because its contracted) is out of bounds to non-contractor staff, even for operationally required issues. Lads who have been short notice deployed having to borrow kit off other lads in the block who have got it is not uncommon.

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