Why cant people stay awake on duty??

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by blagger, May 4, 2005.

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  1. Why is it that people always feel the need to sleep on duty? All you have to do is answer the feckin phone....is it that knackering? I undersatnd that you may have had a tough day at school, but duty is chills ville!! At the end of the day you only have to answer the phone....you don't have to mess with the guard, fcuk the rop's about or even empty the bins........all you have to do is sit on your arrse and stand on the gate for 1 hour if you're the 2ic! What more do you people want from a duty? You have heating, comfy chairs, hot water for brews, 240V for your laptops (geeks), even an RP for company! You can even phone your mates in Iraq for 3 hours at a time and hope the orderly officer doesn't try and contact you on that number!!!
    Need i say more.............you people are week (yes i mean you ladies!!!)
    UNLUCKY - 6 extras.........treat yourself!!

    Bet you won't do it again!

  2. Wondered how long this would take to make it on here, surprised it took this long actually. The lengths people will go to just to get a mention on arrse
  3. well actually i thought i would see how long it took some sad cnut like you to actually reply!!

    cheers easy!!
  4. I meant the soldier in question was obviously deliberately on the phone for 3 hours then faked being asleep and took the 6 extras just so some sad cnut like you would talk about them on Arrse.
  5. whateva fat lad......keep chuntering, the fact is some soft tech full screw messed up and now she's probably crying over spilt milk eh (or maybe just the fact that her next 6 weekends are ruined!!)
  6. Hook, line and sinker. Whoa i'm catching me some whoppers on here tonight.
  7. wot you mean by that? I think i will come pay you a visit tomorrow big boy!! You think your so clever......but not that clever that everyone knows who you are you dumb cnut!!

    So........why are fat ba5tards harder to kidnap??
  8. I simply mean your biting at every thing i say when i'm actually taking the piss out of the situation and not you.
  9. well from previous experience with you i grade you A+ in the cock department so pardon my hasteness!!

    you scared now cos i know who you are?

    hahaha pussy
  10. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Blagger - Grow up and stop being a dick!
  11. pipe down and go to bed!! this ain't your train set it's mine now pi55 off
  12. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Oooh, sharp retort there blagger - you're obviously in the process of setting one of those examples for the trainees that you admire so much.

    And as for whose train-set it is - that big sign under my name says MODERATOR, so wind your neck in little man or you'll be the one who is pissing off.

    Have a nice day!
  13. Blagger- i dont know who you are. but i know what your are and thats a Chav, so either go bed, or go have sex with your dad , or do something constructive, but


    And actually it aint your trainset its Good/Bad Co's this is directed at Blagger

    It just goes to show you are mentally retarded
  14. Call me weird perhaps Tiredness could be the reason I usually fall asleep when Im tired. Or maybe it was your tired cliches that ran through there head that sent them to sleep or maybe your arrse old school stories could be many reasons.