Why can't Justice system be self-funding?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Herrumph, Nov 23, 2012.

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  1. I've just read a news article which set me thinking (yeah OK - in your own time carry on). A minor celebrity and her husband have just been fined 70K and costs of 38K for what was effectively a health and safety breach.

    That's a significant amount of cash for a relatively minor crime and presumably does not cover the injuries which will be dealt with by the insurance.

    With courts working full time all across the country - why aren't they generating profits? Taking it further, once criminals are convicted they are a free source of labour, it cannot be beyond the wit of man to make them do something productive and earn money for the state to pay for their crimes.

    For non-violent crime why not allow the trading of cash for prison-time? Why should rich and famous people be fed and accommodated for crimes such as fraud, perjury and drug use only to step out and back into their comfortable lives?

    Judges and Magistrates could be made financially accountable and given incentives for raising money. With the right guidelines this could revolutionise the Justice and penal system.

    I am sure ARSSErs could come up with lucrative ways of punishing crime?
  2. well there is the confiscaton procedure in place to seize assets from convicted criminals but the money goes into central funds for the Treasury to allocate so som of it will go to fund the court system
  3. It would be nice if it didnt cost more to run POCA than POCA raises.
  4. Prison places cost about £40k per year so you've a lot of money to claw back.
  5. Like it is in Pakistan or Zimbabwe you mean?
  6. I think Lord Archer could have afforded it!
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  7. Surely that is the point - there would be one set of rules for the rich, and another for the poor. And it would be inviting abuse.
  8. If you put a tarif of a monetary value on all crimes, as opposed to a set prison time, then you could make it self financing and the victims could be reimbursed for loss/pain etc and at the same time rehabilitaitng for the crims as well.

    If the scumbag can pay the set tarif then he pays up, the vicitim gets a pocket full of dosh and thats the end of it, (crim gets a criminal record of course).

    If he can't pay then they go to jail and are given the opportunity to work, at minimal wage, to earn enough to pay the tarif off.

    Sounds like a win/win to me. What say the panel?
  9. I'm all for it, I've a couple of houses I can offload which ought to accrue enough to fund a penalty free evening of surprise sex with Emma Watson.
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  10. How much will it cost for me to rape your sister? (now do you see the flaw in the plan?)
  11. Not really.

    If you rape my sister now you will go to jail for a few years and my sister just gets a "sorry missus".

    If you do it under the new regime you will have to pay £Xthousands or go to jail until you can pay it and a percentage of that money goes to my sister as restitution.

    So unless you thing that prisions are for punishment - which they really aren't any more, then why not make the criminal pay for the damage they cause?
  12. Actually I have had a slight re-think and maybe we should give the desicion on whether blood money payment or jail time should be left to the victim of the crime?

    That way if you are rich enough to fancy a quick bit of rape then the victims can still ship you off to pokey instead.
  13. Most criminals cant pay. So prisons it is. Just because sombody can afford not to go to prison, doesnt afford them the right to do as they please and leave a pile of cash in their wake.

    As someone with experience behind bars more than once, prisons are useless. Non deterrent and too laxy dazy for the scum that generally comes in and out month after month, year after year.

    Put them to work. Not this 4 hours a day 4 days a week shite. Propper hard graft 40 hrs a week doing something constructive. (ie not putting teabags into packs for the wing)
  14. Academically, because it's pie-r in the sky than a flying pie shop at 30,000 ft above Pie City on the planet of the pies but...

    I get stabbed.
    I blame you.
    You go down.
    I elect to have you pay me.
    You appeal and are exonerated.
    In the meantime I have pissed your restitution up against the wall and have taken up life as a Harry Ramp.

    Bit hard on you innit?
  15. Under the current system, the hypothetical rape of your sister will net her 10 grand CICS and me 6 years plus (does she have big tits and put up a fight)