The Tanzania Teachers' Union is taking legal action after 19 primary school teachers were caned.

The teachers were caned by a police officer, some in front of their pupils, after an investigation into poor exam results at three schools.

Ativus Leonard, a 33 year-old teacher at Katerero Primary School, 20 miles outside the regional capital Bukoba, and one of the victims of the caning, told the BBC what happened:

On Wednesday morning, the District Commissioner came to our school. He met with the head teacher and called a staff meeting.

Once we were gathered, the DC told us that they had been keeping track of the teachers who arrived late for work.

He read out the names of the teachers in question. I was one of them. I had been late for work twice in the last month.

He asked each of us our reasons for being late. I told him there were different reasons. It could be family problems, or if I had been feeling unwell.

The DC said our lateness was causing the school to fall behind and that it was unacceptable. He said he was going to punish us now

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