Why cant Iran have nuclear weapons?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Guardian_Reader, May 31, 2005.

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  1. Best solution would be for no one to have nuclear weapons. But considering:-

    Pakistan has nuclear weapons, its a dictatorship and there intelligence agency help create the taliban.
    Israel has nuclear weapons but has never signed up to the nuclear non proliferation treaty.

    Why can't Iran have nuclear weapons?
  2. Guardian reader my arrse you illiterate cnut
  3. 'cos the people in charge there think they have a direct line to God, and therefore think that if God tells them to use nukes they will be well ;ooked after.

    There are few people stupid enough to attack Iran. The ground is ideal for defence. Even George's advisors are bright enough to realise that that the sort of armoured thrust that worked in Iraq could not work in Iran, even with air supremacy. So the question must follow why do they want nukes if not for an offensive capability. And that is why they shouldn't have them.
  4. Because the NPT says they cant.
  5. We've got a crew in Washington that wants the attack so badly they can taste it.

    After Saddam's "weapons of mass destruction" turned out to be a load of noodles, however, they are not sure they can sell it.
  6. the scarey thing is ... you cant disinvent a weapon. Its been tried before with more authority than a NPT.

    The catholic church tried to stop the use of the crossbow by excommunicating anyone using one in the 13th century but the genoese mercs just ignored the popes threats and war in europe (which had become jousting matches between knights) became full on carnage again with the humble grunt able to take down nobility.

    Nukes are a F sight scarier than a crossbow but the parrallels are there. Everyone will get the things sooner or later no matter how you try to stop them especially if they are seen as a status symbol.
  7. The thought of Iran getting a nuke scares the holy $hit out of me. The country is sitting on a bloody oil lake, so why does it need a nuclear power programme? Maybe I'm being irrational, but I don't think so....
  8. The argument from the Iranian side is: The oil is a finite, wasting asset. Production may have already peaked or, at least, soon will. The more of it they can conserve, by meeting domestic energy requirements through other means, the more they can have for exports.
  9. Why can't Iran have nuclear weapons?
    coz they dont look like your avarage ******* hortacultralist wooly
  10. Sounds strangely familiar some of that. Still no one would actually consider actual energy efficency measures or renewables say cos obviously thats all dangerous pie in the sky.

    Take the example of the Iranians, or GW or even our own dear leader (until BNFL proved they couldnt be trusted with a bucket and spade let alone THORP). :evil:
  11. Private Eye doesn't call it the Grauniad for nothing y'know!
  12. Israel is big enough and nasty enough to look after itself mad worked for
    usa ussr so why shoudlnt it work for iran/israel .
    irans get nukes lots of persian /israel willy waving thats all .And if they do
    decide to exchange buckets of instant sunshine not really our problem
    though sammkit might have a discount sale :)