Why can't I receive my pay in the bank accout I stipulate!

The majority of my banking is done through my swiss bank account, I keep all my savings there and my morgage was provided by my swiss bank. I am not a rich person but I know which banks offer the best interest rates for borrowing and saving and it certainly isn't UK banks! My point is why cant I have my salary sent direct to my swiss account? My paymaster informs that it is not one of the options on UNICOM, however if I was in...Blah Blah Blah I could get it sent there.

Sorry but personally I think it is not good enough.

Your thoughts....
Same as a mate of mine who has a house and mortgage in Germany, but now he's back in uk, cant have an allotment made to his German bank account, and has to send the money via his UK bank. I think its something to do with the pay to the foreign bank being made at the Forces Fixed Rate, and the MOD lose money by paying into foreign accounts when your not actually posted there.

I imagine Boney is right and the reasons for this are financial. The rules state that you can only have money paid into a foreign account if you are actually serving in that country. It is then paid at the FFR. Previously in Germany you had to shut your bank account when you left. When that changed there was talk that you would be able to send allotments back to Germany if you were serving in the UK, but nothing ever came of it. When JPA comes in you can have your salary split 3 ways, but no idea if overseas is an option.

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