Why Cant I get a Quarter?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by frogop, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. on telic 10 and posted in Feb next year, want to move in august to let teenagers start gcse and a levels in new schools september. being told that there are no quarters (not a surprise) and not entitled to a hiring, this will mean that i have to spend the next two and half years unacommpanied, that can't be right can it? where is the welfare in that? Tried the usual suspects! AWS, SCEA, and AFF, but being left with no where to turn, any advice appreciated! :(
  2. You need to be more specific, are you married, where are you posted to?
  3. Where are you going that doesn't have a quarter avail for the next two and a half years?

    Not an expert but would have thought you were entitled to hiring if no mil accom available.
  4. I'm guessing that you want to move into a quarter before you get posted so you can get your kids into a school. In which case you would only be entitled to a surplus quarter as it is not your duty station. You will not be entitled to a hiring until you are posted there. Once posted you will be entitled to a quarter and if none are available you will be entitled to a hiring. I think the idea of 2.5 years unaccompanied is not likely, you may have got crossed wires due to being told you aren't entitled at this moment.
  5. Yeah, married and posted to chatham in kent, total lack of quarters there at the minute. the only reason i would have to spend 2.5 years unacompanied is that i can't move the two oldest once they start their gcse and a levels. so they either start them in Kent if we get a house, or we have to retain in wiltshire. it doesn't help that with 4 kids i need a d type, been in d types for 5 years now.
  6. Why do you expect to get a house when they need all them empty houses to stay empty. Have you considered getting LSAP from MOD for deposit on your own house. Good investment and you're not paying dead money on rent!
  7. On the grounds of the children's education, you should be entitled to a quarter, regardless - every-child-matters, joined-up-services. This point must be stressed to DHE, as they sometimes more often than have a laissez-faire attitude towards forces personnel, and their families.

    l don't think the people that task out the posting taken into account, the families with children. lf a family has:-
    * Special needs
    * Exams coming up
    * Starting a new school
    * Parent away on an operational tour

    l recognise that this is quite a lot too ask, with the few troops left serving in the forces (OOOOOOOOOOO Dannatt's words, not mine), however, just taking time out to look at a soldiers family details/requirements would cut out a lot of the heartache, ahead of them.

    The MOD would like happy-ish troops, try keeping the families happy some of the time (as l realise that that list is endless), children are a joy and bring pleasure into people's lives; some may be future soldiers, others NOT due to what they have witnessed first-hand.

    l understand that there is also a difference between Corps and Regts, i.e. trickle postings and advance parties blah, blah. Regt's, after the advance party has been posted usually move en-mass in the school holidays. l hear the argument, that not everyone can be posted at the same time, it wouldn't be workable, then again not everyone has children.

    Depending how far you want to push this point, contact your local MP. Then you'll become, whats known as a real 'flier' up the ranks - NOT.