Why Cant I be British in the Britsh Army?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by cuchulain, May 11, 2006.

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  1. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I need to rant somewhere.

    I wasn't having a great start to the day with some pen pusher giving me grief over vehicle licensing when I get a call from the unit admin office. I'm just around the corner and so I pop in.

    "Ah, Cuchulain, Sir" says the nice fellow in the office, "just had an e-mail from Glasgow who want to confirm your nationality".

    "British" says I slightly bewildered that the Army needs to ask this question after over a quarter of a century of service to the Crown.

    "Yes" says the kind admin chap, handing me a copy of the missive from bonnie Scotland "but British what?".

    So apparently I have to chose English, Irish, Scots, Welsh, Manx or whatever. But I am none of those. I am of mixed British parentage.

    "Where were you born Sir?" says the admin chappy trying to be helpful. But my father was a serviceman and I was born where he was posted at the time so that can hardly be a decider (wasn't it Wellington who said something along the lines of "If I were born in a barn would that make me a horse?").

    Why can't I be just plain British in the British Army? I was asked for my 'nationality' and as far as I know my nationality is British and there is none other option for a British person. It does not say English, Irish Scottish etc on the passports so why this desperate need to pigeon hole me? Yes, I know it probably stems from fiercly proud Scots and Welsh insisting on adding that to their nationality or to cater for more recent immigramts but..............it is divisive, insulting and stupid.

    So why can't I be 'British' in the British Army, it should be the default setting, not something I need to fight for?

    Rant over - I feel very slightly better.
  2. good, well said.

    i think we have unfortunately reached the point where we are encouraging racism. this is particularly true of compulsory Equal Opportunities training and, worse, the teaching of diversity and multi-culturalism in schools. if we do live in a mixed and integrated way in the UK we cannot call ourselves multi-cultural, FFS the trend is that we live tribe-like in enclaves (look at any major urban development). my point, and aggrevation lies here: little Jane should be encouraged to play with Leroy, in so much as she should not be discouraged - any more than playing with any child, little Jane should not be subjected to a taught lesson which tells her she should be mixing with Leroy because he is different but equal and it is the right thing for her to do.

    this has all gone way, way too far - take the all female, 90% ethnic recruiting postcard from Gwent Police; only one white female and not a white man in sight - because they are not so good at the job? because of quotas and a ridiculous focus on enforcing diversity, multi-culturalism and 'equality'.

    when do we get BBC White Network?

    slightly away from cuchulain's point, but that is my rant over too
  3. Ever since joining in 1975, I've entered British/English in the docs following the instructions of the then Pay Sgt. I don't have a problem with this, but cringe when I get census forms, council questionnaires and company documents that obviously have an ulterior PC agenda.
  4. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    It's probably something to do with monitoring "diversity" targets. So the MOD can assure Parliament that the army has it's fair share of black, jewish, lesbian, single parent, nurses, along with white, protestant, straight males.
  5. I alternate between putting Black or Asian when I am asked despite being neither, then when the new labour 'jobs for everyone' drone enquires if this is accurate go into full on what are you saying I'm not black/muslim etc!!! mode.

    Front it out they always fold.
  6. I think more's being read into this than there should be. The filling in of nationality showing British/English etc. has been in place more than 30 years - before the term PC had been coined. And when it was acceptable for two Cpls of different skin colour and the same surname to be referred to as Cpl Light Green and Cpl Dark Green.
  7. When I was asked for my religion and nationality by some council official I may have mentioned that I am a Jamaican Bhuddist Eskimo.
  8. Agreed, but you have missed my original point. My nationality is British. Why must I chose one of the sub divisions that are not actually my nationality? To select English, would be to deny the existence of my father, to select Northern Irish would be tantamount to ignoring my mother's (majority) background. And either of these would deny the fact that I also have Scots blood coursing through my veins. 'British', my legal nationality, sums me up very nicely. I swore allegiance to the British Crown (if I remember rightly), I hold a British passport and 'Britain' is an idea that I love.

    Why can't the Army let me be just plain old British?
  9. I doubt very much that this is an Army idea.

    It sounds remarkably like some self appointed quango or other collecting data to fulfill some other quangos directives about quotas and multi-bullshite drivel.

    Still look on the bright side you could always try putting British/Mixed and have a stab at a hearing at the EU courts of human rights when you are denied?
  10. cuchulain,

    You can be "British" - code 519 on UNICOM if your admin chap cares to have a look!!
  11. I am British, although born and live in scotland and very proud to be scottish. I hold a BRITISH passport.
    I agree with you, why do we need to segregate people & give everyone a tag.
    I have had similar discussions with a few people that insist their nationality is scottish, so i ask them to show me their scottish passport, that stumps them
  12. As I said before you can be "British" if you wish to sub divide this it's up to you!
  13. Thank you so much paywog, you have really cheared me up - I will dash off and quote this to the admin wallahs now. Obviously I did have British down so why are 'they' up in Glasgow chasing me around the globe today seeking clarification?
  14. I feel for you cuchulain. I remember filling out the potential recruit forms. According to the choices given in the ethnicity section, Indians don't live the Caribbean, only Africans and Europeans on holiday. :roll: Mind you, most of my friends are mixed with at LEAST three different races.

    That ethnicity section was the biggest piece of filth I've ever filled out.
  15. As the full name of our country is The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland, tell the pen-pushers that you're UKish, or better still, UKOGBANIsh.

    When they tell you that's not an option, complain that you're being discriminated against, and not being allowed to call yourself UKOGBANIsh is a denial of your national identity and culture, and therefore an abuse of your human rights. That'll f*ck 'em!