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Why can't I apply online?

Hi. I have applied for the TA because the online site told me I was unable to apply for the regular army.

I have started receiving emails about my application but have just found out I should be able to join the regular. Any ideas why the website is saying I'm not allowed?

Im 32
British and born in the Uk
I meet all the educational qualifications
No criminal convictions.

I'm confused.

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Online may be advertised as quick, convenient and done in the comfort of your own home however you can't really beat the personal touch. Jog on down to your AFCO, that's what they're there for so make them earn their money. Unfortunately, computerising everything seems to be the trend.

Press 1 if you have understood this or press 2 to listen to Vivaldi's Four Seasons for the next 7 hours.
Yeah I may pop down tomorrow. I'm working late shifts at the moment so online was convenient.

Thanks for your help

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It might also be due to your age, you're 32 now, but by the time you actually get in, you could have passed the 33 year benchmark, so the online application could be giving you the right info depending on date of birth.
I'm 33 next January so that's 5 months or so. The recruitment process doesn't take that long does it?

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It can take a while mate and 5 months isn't long in the process. I never do anything VITALLY important online as I just don't trust automated systems. Jog on down to AFCO, that way you get an accountable person who you can refer back to.

sup rec

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It won't matter if you go to an ACC or AFCO, you still need to apply on line. Getting in in 5 months is probably not achievable. It will depend on what you are looking to do and when in January your birthday is. As has been said, you must be in Phase 1 training before your 33rd birthday.

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