Why cant glasgow deal with paperwork ?


Due to a change at work finally got no reason to put off joining the TA, been out for nine years,Spoke to my local unit today and told that it could take ten weeks before i can even start to parade ! All this because i have previous service !
Can anyone shed any light on all this and is there a legitamate way around it. It seem's a little silly and a great way of putting off ex regulars from joining who just want to get on and contribute !

A frustrated GUNMONKEY :x


It seems it's just the way it is from what I've heard, you just have to wait out. It does seem a little silly, but then I don't quite understand what can possibly take so long. Unless they test every single strand of your DNA just to make sure you are still you.
And then when you start parading, you will probably have problems with your pay every other month. Oh what joys you are letting yourself back into! :)


I know but i'm filled with enthusiasm !
Looking forward to a bit of green kit and some soldiering !


hello mate,
i reckon all in its taken 4 months at least for me to get in the TA as an ex regular. to be honest id thought id been binned by them until i got a call saying its all sorted.
keep going if its what you want


They are mucking you about, I am ex reg, went in October was attested on November after Medical and re-doing the BARB test, and as I have been out 6 yrs told had to re-do Basic (RT Cycle), had a moan skipped RT 1 to 4 straight on to 5, still trying to get out of Catterick again, but am on the orbat for Afghan this year.
All is good, there is some shit stories though from other lads and if I didnt book my own BARB test I dare say I would still be waiting.


would seem a change in the rules now requires ex ta & regs need special authority to re-enlist, or so i was told anyway! A fairly painless process... i started the process late last year and now im nearly back.... nearly!

best of luck


Cheers for the answers, they confirmed my thoughts good to know it's not just me ! today was only a phone call, go next monday, really keen to get back involved maybe even a tour !


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