Why cant a UK company do this?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Recce19, Aug 26, 2007.

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  1. It'd be expensive, the public generally don't care for the soldiers because they don't bitch enough and are reliable (ever wonder why you can make a claim if you fall over in a building? It's because you are bitching about it).

    Generally, people don't care all that much for the army, whilst in america they like the army and the armed forces because they think they are fighting for their freedom, and thank them for it. Here, the public think we are fighting for... fighting for what? Freedom? We've had freedom and we take it for granted.
  2. What, a British company spend their hard-earned cash on our troops.No chance folks.Far too busy riping the good people off in this country to even bother with the troops.
  3. Yep, sadly these answers are what i thought when I posted the thread :x
  4. Didn't Xerox recently win a new service contract with the US Army? Perhaps that had an influence on making this happen.

    Maybe which ever company/s supply printers to HM Armed Forces could be persuaded to undertake a similiar scheme?

    Or as Xerox has a large UK market maybe it would be good publicity for themselves to extend this service to include all coalition troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  5. Have you not seen the news? The Royal Mail has gone one better and will deliver cards (and other things besides), as opposed to 'e-cards' for free.
  6. Gents, lets get used to the fact that the only people that give a fcuk about the Armed Forces are members of the forces and their immediate families and most ex-servicemen (but not all by any means). We're on our own but that shouldn't mean End-Ex it just means we have to look after each other and fcuk the rest of them.
  7. I think you're too pessimistic, rebel. Merely because the Guardianistas in No10 and thereabouts despise the Armed Forces for being vaguely conservative in outlook doesn't mean that the great majority of people in the country follow them.

    There may well be a large constituency of ignorant and uncaring people, news media types, academics and immigrants who have no great attachment to the country, its' culture and customs, but there's a larger one that still does. Unfortunately there's nobody in prospect to challenge the grisly stalinists yet. One day.
  8. Oh I hope so W-B as I live and breath I hope so.
  9. And that is great of course, however, the point of the Xerox website is for members of the American public to send messages to random troops. To me it seems a great idea, it shows the troops that they are getting support from the wider public back home and at the same time gives a way for the public to demonstrate their support for the guys and gals in a tangible way.

    Another good idea they have over here is selling phone cards in the post offices which are sent to the troops overseas so they can phone home.
  10. can members of the armed forces access ARRSE while in the field????
  11. Perhaps some of you are being a bit too pessimistic. People of all ages are actually very supportive but with typical Britishness don't go about saying so. Sure some people are against our involvement but even they recognise you are sent wherever by politicians and support you because you have no say in the matter. Journalist Vicki Woods of the Daily Telegraph alerted me and countless others to ARRSE. I passed the info on and know that many of my friends and acquaintances read the posts regularly, far more regularly than I do. True, few have actually signed up but then again few have actually served which I did. They say they can only get the truth on this site. Take heart as we only represent one small area and we are far from being alone. Look what happened when alerted to the Headley Court situation for one example. Stay safe.
  12. The British public to an extent look down on the army. They might see us as strong and fit..etc, but they think we're nuts to go off to war. I went home on leave recently, and when I told people where I was going, I was politely told "Why do you want to go there" and it's the general attitude with everyone. Outside of Squaddies and Squaddie families we don't even enter peoples minds, except when they read casualties on the news and getting fed propaganda shit.

    Anyway, I remember last year The Sun (I think) had a thing where you could send a squaddie a letter in Afghanistan. That's when the Para's were there.
  13. I think we need to be careful with sweeping comments here. The premier league has just exempted BFBS from paying to show premiership games for the next three years, thus saving BFBS a quarter of a million quid. The pre-condition for this exemption was that the money saved should be spent on improving the services' lot. The money is being used to set up a film channel on BFBS early next year (sooner than was planned!).
    Much as I still think footballers are overpaid chavs, this little gesture should be recognised with gratitude!
  14. The British Army (and indeed the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force) are held in high esteem by 'Joe Public'. While there are obviously people out there who want to disband the Forces and hug trees, these people are only a small fraction of the population (otherwise the Green Party would be in power).

    Of all government agencies, fire services and the police services, the British Army is rated top by the public. It is the one institution that the public still trusts and regards. If this situation were to change it would be noticed immediately: not only would the quality of soldiers and officers joining plummet (and for those 'old and bold' who decry the standard of soldier coming out of Depot, look at what they have achieved in sunnier climes), but Gordon the Thief would feel it was politically safe to slash budgets even further.

    At the moment 'Blueys' can be emailed (for free) to soldiers in any operational theatre: just look at the website. The Royal Post has (just last week) been cajoled into giving free carriage to parcels to soldiers on operations. Even before this they did quite a good deal in that people only had to pay for postage from their location to Mill Hill (one of the reasons why families ended up paying so much was that they had to send out 'necessities' on a frequent basis, rather than luxuries).

    For those still serving, before going out and making a purchase, contact the shop where you have identified something that you want. Then write/email/telephone the store and ask if they are prepared to give you a forces discount. Many will say yes and give between 10-25%. For old buggers like me no longer in, ask if they give a veterans' discount. You will be amazed at how many will say yes (and there are websites set up with many formalised discounts).