Discussion in 'Canada' started by recce-cpl, May 24, 2005.

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  1. 1) Cowboys nightclub in Calgary .
    2) Tim Hortons Coffee ( Everywhere ).
    3) They love Brit's
    4) LOA in BATUS cash paid right when you need it .
    5) Paraliser's (two jug's of that you are off your tree ).
    6) The ''SIN BIN'' so bad its great ( night club in Medicine hat ).

    Any more please add cheers
  2. Playing rugby against Calgary Irish in the snow Hammered . Then dance of the flaming ass@@@@'s in the club after .
  3. Being from the west coast of Canada, White Rock British Columbia.
    I would have to say any strip by the beach along with a weekend in Whistler.

    Cheers 2CB
  4. Is it the Americans that get upset for being taken for Canadians or the other way round?
  5. No, its the Canadians that get upset...
    We had a Canadian teacher working in our school this year, and she went to great lengths to assure us that she was not an American. Also, she told us that they (as in Canadians) keep coming across Americans who claim to be Canadian when travelling around the world, in order to avoid anyone thinking they might be American.
  6. Typical Canadian story. Bears little substance, but bolsters all that Canadian smugness.
  7. The only place to be from
  8. Worked with 2RCR Bg in Coralici in '99 great bunch of lads 6 months of 24 hour scoff house, endless amounts of coffee, beating newfies at pool and BBQ's no matter what the weather. Canadians are indeed great :p
  9. I get 'are you American?' over here in England more then ever. I wonder if it is possible for people abroad to realize there are 2 countries in north america (mexico doesnt count as the third) So I then reply to the question with 'Are you Welsh or Irish?' and some reason they seem offended by the comment.

    Cheers 2CB
  10. 1. The fat birds in Wainwright who appreciated some loving.
    2. The fat bird in the CANEX who appreciated some loving.
    3. The Eskimo lookalike bird in Pettawawa who appreciated some loving.
    4. The sisters in Jasper who DIDN'T appreciate some loving and cried rape.
    5. The RCMP who did a very professional job in finding me not guilty.
    6. JD's bar in Wainwright where I celebrated my release.
    7. The barmaid in JD's who appreciated some loving............and her mate.
  11. :lol:

    Cheers 2CB
  12. Calgary- anybody been there longer than a short leave break? Just wondering what it's like to live there, as I'll be there from September- December...
  13. edmonton down white ave,quality night out,and loads of fit women to boot
  14. Mostly cold, and dirty
  15. i will be there next year hopefully