Why burkhas should not be banned

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by AFA06, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. I was in Turkey a year or so ago, and a Muslim family just happened to be in the same hotel.

    Nothing wrong with that, everyone needs a holiday, however...

    The kids were as per any normal family, in trunks/ bikinis etc, husband in his speedos :(

    The wife though????

    She was in an all over body suit, only thing showing was her face/hands and if your a victorian? look away now, ankles.

    Not ideal for the temps of +40, or the fact that every man jack and his dog, was talking about them like she must have a skin disease from hell to warrant that sort of getup.

    Sorry I digress, not a burkha, but the waterborn equivalent of.

    And again sorry, but no religion needs to cover a woman to the degree that this poor bitch was.
    She was a hairy mary at best, so the chances of looking at her for anything more were very remote.

    To my mind, the Burkha is the muslim way of saying "our women are munters, so we cover them" there can be no other reason.
  2. If you banned Burkhas what on earth will Signals personnel be responsible for in HQ locations?

    All we'll have left is tent building and stagging on the front of the tent just in case some staff officer hasn't been saluted enough that day.
  3. You are getting confused aren't you!!
  4. I beleive they are known as burkini's Gren.

    Only reason I know this is when I left my laptop at my Dads house a while ago, my brother kept changing my desktop image to various muslim women wearing these things.

    Look fcuking ridiculous.
  5. A modelled burkini!!!

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  6. I have to disagree, Imagine what you could smuggle through customs wearing a Burkha i.e weapons, also they can smuggle men through customs or whatever dressed as a woman.
  7. [​IMG]

    Erm...You decide :p
  8. Burkhas,have nothing to do with religion,and everything to do with tribalism.
    Third World ideals,perpetuated by smelly old,wife beating,misogynists
  9. No, that could never happen because of our wonderfully efficient and professional UK Border and Customs operatives. Shame on you for suggesting such an occurance 8O
  10. Oh yes that was the first thing I thought when reading this story :roll:
  11. I have a question that came to me about a week ago landing in Kuwait and encountering a mass of black burkha clad women waiting for relatives coming off the plane, half of whom were black clad burkha wearers.

    How does a man recognise his wife? Couldn't it be possible to collect the wrong woman? Even worse, what if said burkha clad woman is meeting a female friend/sister who is similarly dressed. How do they recognise who they are meeting?
  12. I've flown many times from Amsterdam to KSA and have always been amused by the movement of very fit, slinky women dressed in some very sexy gear going into the toilets and coming out as penguins as the aircraft nears Saudi soil.
    Clearly most Saudi husbands don't feel strongly about what their wife wears when abroad perhaps, just perhaps, those women in countries who don't insist on the Burkha just wear them out of choice?
    In my experience, it doesn't matter what the religion is, the woman is generally more pious than the man and nags him to go to Church, drink less, etc etc.

    Apologies, didn't mean to be so serious!

    Have a look at this outrage!!!!!

    Women forced to wear scarves
  13. Oh yeah sorry our Government invites immigrants doesn't it and puts them on the housing list in front of Homeless people and soldiers, I take it you've read about the soldier who couldn't get a house off the bexley council.