Why Britains brightest and best are emigrating

The title was an article in today's Torygraph. At the end of the original article, this post was worth it:

Love it; says it all really...... :evil:


Why the surprise?

Unappreciated, vilified as "elitist" and treated as cash cows by a parasitic totalitarian Labour Government, to be milked and bled to pay for an increasing armies of tax-teat supplicants and parasites, why should they stay?

I am waiting for the next "big idea", "initiative" or "tough new law.” My money will be on the usual fall-back of corrupt, bankrupt, Marxist regimes; the Exit-Visa, tax claw-backs from émigrés, property seizure, exchange controls and the old Russian favourite, restrictive contracts forbidding qualified people to leave until they have "paid back" the state, despite having stumped up a shed load of tax and NI and paid their course fees.

Yep, any or all of this would be par for the course with the bunch of unreconstructed commissars and student-union pipsqueaks in this awful meddling Stalinist excuse for a government.
Posted by Cllr Jeremy Zeid :clap: :clap:

Whole link here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jhtml?xml=/opinion/2008/02/21/dl2101.xml
Is that you Jezza? That looney writes this stuff to the TELEGRAPH website each day and in response to the most unrelated stories.

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