Why Britain is no longer a land fit for heroes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Jan 13, 2004.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. An outstanding piece.
  3. I had a read of that bit from the times, must admit made a lot of sense to me
  4. A good peice. It does beg the question " How do we change this situation?"

    Answers on a post card
  5. This has been creeping up on us for a while now. We began noticing it when recruits from the ITCs took to calling JNCOs 'mate' when they first arrived in Battalion. Even ten years ago you'd have been filled in for less.
    I vividly remember a Para Cpl at depot, training females and having a dismal time trying to discipline them, knowing full well if he used anything stronger than "please remember to polish your boots tomorrow - if that's alright with you..." he'd be accused of sexual harrassment, bullying and God Knows what else besides. one of the recruits simply got around having to do anything taxing by the simple expedient of stroking his leg whenever he berated her for a misdemeanour. he used to walk off screaming to himself.
    Another good friend of mine was instructing at Catterick and had a bloody heart attack - stress-induced, the medics said...no sh*t sherlock!
    Time to start the anti-PC backlash.
    At the end of the day, if you can't handle a little bad language and physical discomfort, what are you going to do when the bullets start flying.
    In the old days, you obeyed your seniors initially beacause of fear of the consequenses, then eventually because it was unthinkable to do any different. It became a habit. In the long run you appreciated the reasoning behind the orders (mostly) and if it went a bit too far you complained afetr the event.
    These days an unpopular command is more than likely to trigger a debate rather than instant obedience...I know we're not meant to be automatons, but there has to be a middle ground somewhere. :oops:
    It ain't like it used to be...
  6. 2 options
    we have an election and make sure the conservitives are elected

    or less likley we defend our sovreign and remove the government :lol:
  7. The rate this so-called 'Government' is going we'll soon become qualified as the healthiest, best educated nation of slaves in history, because we won't be able to defend ourselves against Luxembourg, let alone any credible enemy!
  8. Yaaah!
    Rally to the Queen and storm Westminster and Downing Street!!!
    Ah... if only.
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    How true the piece is. We are now strangled by H&S, EO, PC, etc and unfortunatley the Army doesn't fight wars making sure it doesn't fall foul of the left wing tree huggers!
  10. The Army is not one man.The United Kingdom is not One Prime Minister.

    Yes it is a shame that Tim decided to throw his hand in. It is an even greater shame, that the man who produced that superb oratory in the Gulf, could not come up with something better than "The Army has got too PC" to justify sacking himself.

    As long as this Flag flies free


    As long as we stand ready to do the Sovereign's bidding, to defend the United Kingdom against Her Majesties' enemies, and to protect those who need us.


    As long as the Flag is a byword, for fair play and decency in foreign lands


    As long as there are men like this to lead us


    Then my beautiful country, will ALWAYS remain a land fit for heroes.
  11. He is still a Colonel in the British Army for some months yet.
    His wife is free to speak out as she sees fit.
    He however is playing this well. It is fitting that he says little or nothing until he actually leaves in the summer. He continues to behave professionally.
    Col. Tim felt unsupported by his colleagues and bosses when falsely accused. As an individual it's obviously shaken him to go through such a public and traumatic experience. It would have no doubt turned out fine if his bosses and colleagues had stood firm and been pillars of support to him in his time of need. If they turned their backs on him and were wet lettuces one can see why this whole experience would leave him questioning his previous understanding of comradeship.
    This is a colleague of yours people that has been unsupported and let down....hardly a concept new to you judging by a goodly amount of the posts on arrse. He has proved beyond doubt his excellence as a soldier.
    He has done his 22..he was shat on from a great height and now he's had enough and is getting out....same as many of you would.
    His wife has expressed his personal feelings on the lack of support he suffered and he has no doubt experienced first hand the PC attitudes mentioned only too well.
    This man deserves your comradeship people. Support your colleague.

  12. That was a party political broadcast on behalf of the ARRSE party.

    Seriously, well said PTP.

    Next stop Sedgefield!
  13. Oh well, in that case , it's a shame his wife couldn't come up with something better than "The Army has got too PC" to justify sacking himself/herself. It is unusual , for a wife at this rank to actually comment in the first place. I don't seem to remember Sir Michael Boyce's wife speaking out, after Boy-cee got shafted. I don't seem to remember Col. Tims wife speaking out, after Major Bastarde tried to stitch him up.

    The usual form, is "I am retiring, it's been a great life" . Which of course we all know means "Just you wait Henry Higgins"

    I look forward to the continuing statements of Mrs. Collins.
  14. On the other hand perhaps there's major domestics now occuring in the Collins household as Col. Tim rants that the mother of five shouldn't have said a word to the scumbag journos.
    Ah well feck it eh :lol:
  15. Where's HVM_Boy and Foggy Balla when you need a quick skit on what's being said in the Collins household at the moment? :D