Why Brexit May be Folly...

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Disclaimer upfront, I voted remain.

Brexit is a baffling term, one not yet recognised by the Oxford dictionary yet soon expected to be.

What does it mean to many? The many can be classified into 3 main camps, I suspect, and those camps would be:

1. Remain

2. Leave

3. Don’t know

Not such a shrewd article thus far.

Let’s take a look at embracing. The company I work for and, indeed, many other organisations embrace diversity. Less than 50% of current London tech organisations, I guestimate, can claim that more than 30% of their staff are of white, anglo-saxon origin.

In fact, what would be more likely found is that the development staff are of Asian origin, the chief commercial team of mixed USA / German / French / English, the creative team from the Netherlands, UK, Spain and Italy and the workforce Polish.

With nurturing care and co-operation all of these groups will learn from each other, especially in the case of the UK more will be learnt about work ethic from other cultures!

Fair enough, a few countries are missing; here is a hair, let’s split it!

Leaving the EU is a poor decision made by poor decision makers. Of course it’s great to “take back the country”, stop paying these EU subsidies and make Britain great again!


No, not really.

Without open borders and cross pollination of skill sets, work ethic sharing, positioning, market knowledge and abilities business dies as surely as a business using a fax machine in 2017 will die where another 2017 business using the latest technology will prosper.

Exiting the EU is a fax machine because our realistic options become The Donald, Theresa’s own brand of mental and / or China.

The Donald represents… It doesn’t bear thinking of. Theresa has raped and pillaged previously successful state enterprises to Her own end like the NHS and the Police. China the becomes the “Fast Eddie” pawn shop; hocking away our goods and “re-financing debt” to a point where the UK becomes exiled from its parent values and a tug of love child between He of the Hairpiece and Xi Jinping.

So what’s the remedy?

A true and united, single market place. Let’s back that up with a story.

2007 – Young lady with no English language arrives in the UK. After 3 days lands a job at the most prestigious Jazz club in London. “Need Job” she says to manager.

2009 – Professionally fluent in English (as well as 2 other EU languages)

2010 – First class degree in management

2012 – Management position in a top FTSE company

2007-2017 – Paid over £200k in taxes and administrative charges to the United Kingdom with no benefits ever claimed

Only open borders allowed that.

Fun fact; the most Googled term after the referendum was “What is the EU.”

Who Googled it? Certainly not business people in the EU, today’s school / college scholars in the EU and not business people outside the EU.

So that really only leaves uneducated voters in the UK who apparently are now having second thoughts, according to various news reports.

I am now voting leave; not leave the EU but leave the UK whilst this mess gets sorted out. Possibly not to return…

This whole Brexit piece has messed with the global economy and caused many hard working EU citizens in the UK financial hardship, worries and, in the case of the lady from 2007-2017 story, some racist incidents.

My Wife is usually correct, ok, always correct as she is reading this. 10 years is enough, time to do different things and live La Dolce Vita again.

I wonder, though, who is going to brick lay, work maintenance, code, work in manufacturing (what little remains) and to contribute to the lifestyle of those who consider this work below them or not willing to do it in the first place if hard Brexit hits…

It’s not about country of origin or skin colour. It’s about an inclusive society making things better.

That all said, what do we do about free loaders and terrorists? No one has really said other than "plots have been thwarted" and "efforts are being made."

People, innocent people, are still losing lives in lone wolf attacks and the economy worsens...

And now June 8th we are expected to snap vote? Meh.

What's your solution?

In other news:

· These views are my own

· I am no politician

· I like pizza

· I’m an ex Police officer, therefore trust no politician especially TM

· My Wife said we are going to Italy


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Another Brexit thread.

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