Why BOWMAN cannot work?

Real question here..

Not working with "real" comms for a while I was very suprised to hear on BFBS reports that BOWMAN cannot operate in Iraq as " Here its 42 degrees and the VHF can only reach x Kms but in Canada "where it is colder?" it can reach XXXXkms"

So from this we can assume that at the moment BOWMAN cannot work in hot places. ????

Please can someone in the know tell me the truth..

This is getting more and more like

"They gave us the wrong crystals" cerca A Bridge to Far.

Now a "Digital Battlefield Communications system a bit too hot!."
This is the best I've heard yet about this mighty piece of capability!

It does work in hot places - no-one's changed the laws of physics as far as I'm aware, but not being a techy type I really couldn't say. However, there are issues with keeping kit cool, as there are with all bits of kit, I daresay.

I really don't know why VHF would be affected by the sun and heat - and you understand the difference between VHF and HF, so I don't need to dive off down that rabbit hole.

I don't really know about BATUS so I can't comment, but my spies tell me that a certain BG did very well with it, used their noggins and good skills all round, and, in effect, proved the concept. Not shure about increased ranges though - again, I might be wrong, but I don't believe that BG had some sort of cunning device to change the laws of physics either.
old_bloke said:
So from this we can assume that at the moment BOWMAN cannot work in hot places. ????
As d_d mentioned, the law of physics ain't changed.

Just a guess, is the report talking about HF ground wave? As the lack of conductivity (i.e. ground not wet) would hamper comms but thats the same for clansman aswell.
I've heard that Bowman is working very well out there. I've not heard of problems with range.

Edited to add:

I just watched the BFBS report from Iraq BFBS Bowman Report (Right click and choose 'save as')

There is a quote about the fact that the Royal Anglians could work Bowman HF from UK to Cyprus, but in Iraq they can only get 18 Km!?! I can only assume that they don't quite understand Skywave vs Groundwave????
dav3rav3 said:

Very good. According to the search engine that post means there are now 531 matches for "Better Off With Map and Nokia". Oops, that'll be 532 then :D
I imagine they are getting overheating issues confused. Although it wasnt a Bowman vehicle, i took a UK vehicle to Iraq in 2003. It was fully airconditioned etc, but it became impossible to keep the kit cool as the design specs for the cooling systems were based on NW Europe. As soon as the temp went over 32 degrees C, the aircon overpressured and refused to cool anything and meerly passed hot air. The problems were alieviated by building a plywood and sandbag airgap over the top and sides, building a plywood heat shield around the aircon compressor, setting up a couple of field showers to pass a stream of water through the compressor, putting up camnets and various bits of tentage for shade. The result was a box body looking like something the A Team had created.

I'm not saying that this is the issue, but it certainly seems a possibility. Although i'd have thought it would have occured to the project team that the kit might be needed in the desert.

Is there a difference in performance of VHF in hot and cold climates? I certainly dont know, a little out of my area. Anyone know?

jimmys_best_mate said:
Boney, on my Tech Class 1 at the minute, and nothing's been mentioned to us about it, I'll ask around our instructors tomorrow though.
Don't bother, its the apps and Ip thats the problem plus GD unable to refit the equipment in time
Bowman is working extremely well on TELIC. Fact end of story.

Bowman HF is being used AOR wide and has become the 'weapon of choice' for the Bde staff, replacing tacsat. The R Anglians established groundwave links (using the good old 'death antenna, if you know anything about Bowman you will know what I mean!) over 120km. Not bad for the desert I am sure you will agree.

BFBS need to sort thier act out, fcuk knows who they were talking to (probably another misinformed fcukwit who thinks they know Bowman!)

Bowman VHF is also being used at lower levels but because of freq issues with other eqpt it is not being so widely employed. These issues are generic and not assoctiated with Bowman (Clansman was worse)

Once again another Bowman falicy shot to pieces!
Fully air conditioned vehs. Yes, lets overload the poor LR axles even more :)
Zorro said:
BFBS need to sort thier act out, fcuk knows who they were talking to (probably another misinformed fcukwit who thinks they know Bowman!)

Once again another Bowman falicy shot to pieces!
Zorro - Watch the BFBS video report in my earlier post. The quote came from a Royal Anglians Coy Comd on Telic!
Doomybloke - and they are sick to death of Bowman, so probably not the right guys to get a completely objective viewpoint from. Anyway, from a physics viewpoint, he's talking bollocks, and I don't care if he's CGS - hot and dry doesn't bother VHF.

Bowman is better than Clansman in so many different ways. I'm looking forward to FRES rolling out in 2 years time, if only to give all the DEC boys someone else to pick on - it makes great viewing! :)

You know who you are - DEC GM
Darth_Doctrinus said:
Anyway, from a physics viewpoint, he's talking balls, and I don't care if he's CGS - hot and dry doesn't bother VHF.
FFS - Watch the video! He was talking about HF not VHF!

I'm not saying that Bowman is performing badly on Telic - from what I've heard it's doing well, for its state of maturity - either BFBS have mis-represented people in that report or they are talking arrse?
I've just watched the report and I've got to say that there were some seriously mis-informed statements.
HF is/was working fine AOR wide. I really have no idea where the 18km figure is coming from. Maybe they need to have a good look at their antennas.
Disinformation at its worst.
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