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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jorrocks, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. There´s a lot of talk on here about technique, kit, times and such like, but not much about motivation - for me, this is the cornerstone of all fitness programmes. It´s Friday afternoon, I´ve just had a good extended lunch and I´m having real difficulty deciding whether to partake of my regular evening gym session - why bother? Come on then, TELL ME! Apart from telling myself to "grit yer teeth and make yerself have it," what tips do you all have for motivation, particularly when you don´t have a PTI breathing down your neck, or a Sgt Maj to get you on parade?
  2. My Family , i'm expected to make something of myself and since joining the Army is the only thing i want to do, i give it my all and try my hardest. I'm scared if i don't succeed i would be letting my parents down. Apart from that, friends also family saying i won't join etc gives me a extra boost to prove them wrong!
  3. For me its the fact that the only thing that is going to get me out of this tedious office job and into the Parachute Regiment is getting off my ARRSE and running, doing CV work and Circuit training! :D works for me!
  4. Look out the window a fat person will be along soon, do you want to look like that, or do you want to look good and chiselled on the beach, abs are plumage for attracting the opposite sex.


  5. Its worth it, you'll feel better afterwards. If not try becoming a pie tester.
  6. Some good ones there guys, thanks, I´m getting all juiced up for this sesh. By the way, I´m 44, and I´ve done my 22, but that´s no excuse to give up on the fitness. It´s a pride thing. There´s a great chapter on motivation in Simon Waterson´s book "Commando Workout". I´ll dig it out when I get home (after the gym!) and post a few gems.
  7. For me, it's being able to use the Uni gym. Nothing like the prospect of teenage girls in sweaty lycra to get you into your trainers.
  8. You are putting words to my thoughts mate
  9. I heard one a while back,

    Pain is tempoary, the green (or whatever) beret is for ever.
  10. Exactly my thoughts.

  11. pain is weakness leaving the body
  12. Go into your Local Tesco and go bloater spotting,they usually congregate around the sticky bun shelves,it cheers me up know end just to see the great fat feckers shovelling great loads of Sh1te into their trolleys and then wobbling off to the checkout in a cloud of sweat to pay for it,out standing for motivation
  13. That´s a good one, although I´ve rather fallen off the wagon myself today since someone left a box of chocolates lying around in the office and I´ve been gorging myself all afternooon. "Jorrocks, you´re a disgrace to the uniform you once fitted into".
  14. Personally, I find that "Do you want to remain a prisoner in your own body?" works well.
  15. Because its fun. whats better than running in the freezin cold, lovely cold air in your lungs, till your about to puke, then some more. lovely.