Why bother with an "additional next of kin"

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Mighty_Blighty, Jun 5, 2004.

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  1. What is the point of appointing an additional NOK if it 'aint immediate family ?, the reason i ask, my mate was brought up by his grandparents, and his grandmother just died, however because his wife is his NOK, he wasn't entitled to free comp travel because "she's not imediate family" and therefore "Comp C" it has just cost him more than £500 to get back to attend the funeral what is effectivley his parent. I may be getting soft in my old age but surely this can't be right ?
  2. But just because they are on your Next of Kin (Emergency Contact) does not automatically give you rights when a compassionate case comes up -

    Arrse but true ! :?
  3. I have seen several similar cases. Usually, where it's possible for the Comp Cell to confirm that a grandparent was effectively a parent, they will make it a Comp A. The problem is not who's on the NOK card, but the definition of a relative inasmuch as the comp regs are concerned - a grandparent isn't generally considered close enough.
  4. Terrible!
    Surely in this modern day where families come in many guises a form can be designed in a way that reflects the truly important relationships in advance of such issues arising? :?
  5. the reason why you have an additional nok is in case you and "SHMBO" or significant other are in the car together and get wiped out or hospitalised.

    had a similar problem some years ago as visiting/notifying officer, i knew there were kids at home and soldier and wife were BLR'd (not quite write off though!!) had to take steps to look after kids until alt NOK were located and got on board.

    basic battle planning again.
  6. Although 'Next of Kin' seems very straight forward, it isn't, hence the initial question posed.

    The authority for NOK issues is Casualty Procedure 2000:

    Apologies for yet another dull Slopes' post :D
  7. Slopes

    Dull Casualty Procedure may seem to be, but if more people in the chain of command at regimental level bothered to read it before a drama occurs, perhaps they would stop giving out duff gen which subsequently causes even more anxiety.

    Dealing, as I do, with relatives of SIL & VSIL casualties and deaths, I am appalled at how many units appear not to be aware of the casualty procedure - until it's too late.

    Both the Casualty Procedure and Compassionate Procedure actually work very well, providing units stick to them. Freelancing and raising false expectations only causes delays and more upset, not to mention more money off the unit budget when they are made to pay for their c*ck-ups.
  8. Slopes,

    Could not agree with you more! I think a lot of it stems from the chain of command and the lack of interest in G1 matters, reactive rather than proactive. The only time this becomes an issue is when units deploy on ops and something goes wrong and the damn information is not as current as is should be. That said, PS4 bless their cotton socks are bloody good at what they do and are very receptive to these types of issues; Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts etc. With the introduction of being able to nominate a partner (same sex) or friend as an EC this further adds complication to the matter. It is an individuals right to nominate whomsoever they wish including additional EC, the chain of command should place greater emphasis on the G1 area of responsibility.
  9. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I agree. Our Compassionate and Cas system is outstanding if it is used correctly (I don't think any other organisation can compare with it). In my experience the problems stem from:

    1. Blokes taking the p*ss and deciding that because their girlfriends mum's best friend has a dental appointment then that justifies a Cat A.

    2. Enthusiastic Unit Admin offices deciding for themselves that someone is eligible for Comp travel before the G1 system has kicked in back at home base.. and

    3. Last but not least the dreaded mobile phone. This gives real problems especially for fatalities... Soldier A gets killed in RTA in Bosnia...2 minutes later Soldier B rings his mates back in Germany on mobile... 3 minutes later, news is all around the block, the NAAFI, etc etc ....5 minutes later Mrs Soldier A finds out from someone in the NAAFI queue.....

    sad but true

  10. Guys, I hear what you are saying. But as a married man he HAS TO nominate his wfe (For obvious reasons), however, I am also a maried man, and my old mum is my additional, so if she were to die I would get comp leave / travel, but because it was only his grandma he had to take his own prive leave and pay for it which I think sucks as she was effectively his parent.
  11. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Mighty, you are confusing Casualty Reporting with Compassionate Leave - two entirely different subjects. The names that you give on your next of Kin (or EC now if you like) are purely for Cas Reporting, i.e. who you want informed when something happens to you.

    Compassionate Leave is an entirely different criteria - yes you are right in saying that it is normally given for immediate family (Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister, Spouse) but each case is taken on it's own merits and that is what PS4 is there to do.

    Just because someone appears on your EC Form does not automatically entitle you to Comp leave if something happens to them. Obversely, just because someone does not appear on your EC Form does not mean you are not entitled to Comp leave if something happens to them.

    This is one of the reasons why it is no longer called the Next of Kin Form because of the confusion that arose with individuals with regards to Compassionate Leave.