Why Bloody Sunday was Justified

Why Bloody Sunday was Justified

We have all heard the An Phoblacht Propaganda about Bloody Sunday and the traditional Irish version of events: that bloodthirsty paratroopers went on a rampage in the Bogside one day, killing 14 unarmed and innocent civilians. Like many "traditional" and commonly accepted versions of controversial historical events, the truth is much more complex and different.

The Parachute regiment has an honorable history, many people know of their heroic feats during the last stand at Arnhem, where several paras even fought Germans with their combat knives at close range, which at first was thought to be hyperbole but later confirmed that in their desperation, several paratroopers did engage in hand-to-hand combat with the enemy. When the RUC was overwhelemed by Fenian insurgents the Parachute regiment was sent in.

Now many people say that 1 para suddenly started firing their L1A1s in response to far-away rock throwing, light rioting and jeering. The truth is that Martin McGuiness opened fire on the paratroopers with his sub-machine gun, but in his drunken state was unable to hit anyone. IRA gunmen and bombers from the Bogside poured out into the streets and the Paratroopers dutifully responded by firing their rifles at the enemy, killing fourteen of them and taking no fatalities themselves, upholding their vicious reputation as crack troops.

Dead IRA insurgents in the bogside, killed by 1 Para

The Paratroopers repeated this heroism at Springhill, and had been seen earlier at Ballymurphy. Provo priests and kids were systemtically killed in gunbattles by the paratroopers and their weapons were ferried off following the firefights by Sinn Fein propagandists, so they could then claim that they were unarmed.

The IRA responded with the vicious Narrow Water bomb, killing many paratroopers. However following the blast the IRA opened fire on the paras, and the paras dutifully returned fire despite the haze of having just been blown up, and killed at least two provisional gunmen (probably more like seventy since the bodies were ferried off and buried across the border).
12-year old Armagh school girl and IRA commander Majella O'Hare was also plugged by the Paratroopers in their campaign against the terrorists. Sergeant Lee Clegg personally took out the remaining two members of the army council.

The fenians were enraged by these defeats and attacked the paratroopers at Coalisland years later, and the paratroopers responded by shooting several more demented fenian homosexuals.

The destruction of the army council and the kicking they recieved at Coalisland forced the Provisional IRA to the negotiating table, and resulted in the Good Friday agreement.
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