Why Bliar is hated so much

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Sep 6, 2005.

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  1. Any more suggestions (I will post later).

    I hope it was someone on the Sqn that leaked the news to the media :twisted:


  2. These people are evil - there is no other word.


  3. Well our democratic system legally (in the post part) permitted this government in. The electorate deserves its leaders, just like to Bethnal Green deserves George Galloway.

    Labour scum, Tory scum, Lib Dem scum. This is however something out of Soviet Russia, conducting a smear campaign and dirty tricks. I believe this speech happened THREE MONTHS AGO
  4. Everyone should stop bashing Blair. He's not great but he's the best we've got at the moment.
  5. He is a lying backstabbing toad. You're not him are you?
  6. No, I won't bite.
  7. If only...... :x


  8. Which very nicely sums up just how bank (and cor)rupt the system of gobment is in the UK.
    All those hundreds of years of so-called parliamentary democracy and Phoney Tony is the best it can do!

  9. Nice to see Downing Street is monitoring this site...............you're not serious are you?
  10. That's your user name outed then Tony. Prep for incoming :evil:
  11. Btw, I dislike mr.Putin (our president). Recently I met him. From close distance he is even more bleak and colourless than on TV screen. Unlike great leader of British people, mr.Putin is not excellently educated, he (mr.Putin, not mr.Blair of course) uses vulgar words, his vocabular is quite bounded. Very frequently he uses cheap PR moves (stupid and tasteless).

    As to mr.Blair then he is at least one of the best British politicians, experienced and still young PM, good husband and father. Mr.Blair is a good example for young lads who enter real life.

    Mistakes? Show me even one who hasn't made them. Manipulations with truth? Something that politicians uses to do. Could anyone swear that mr.Howard (for example) would be absolutely honest? I suspect that nobody (except mr.Howard himself).
  12. The current Prime Minister is always the worst we've ever had. But then, as Hegel said-

    "Men learn from history only that men learn nothing from history"
  13. Experienced only in lying, misleading and freeloading. He practices blatant cronyism, and allows unelected advisers too much power.

    ...provided the 'young lads' want to become bottom-feeding lawyers lying and cheating their way to becoming champagne socialists.

    I suspect you need to visit the polyklinik to have your medication reviewed - you are clearly delusional.
  14. ViroBono said

    "I suspect you need to visit the polyklinik to have your medication reviewed - you are clearly delusional."

    I've heard of telemedicine, but now we have the miracle of diagnosis by forum site!

    Will the wonders of the modern age never cease?
  15. ah come off it... in this case he hasn't done anything wrong... the queen invited the whole family up... its only right that she drops them home again...

    is your problem with the taxpayer paying for it?? or is that they weren't made to fly ryanair?

    why moan about him doing this? I'm sure there is something else he is actually guilty of???