Why be an RLC officer?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by barbarasson, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. What are the top 3 reasons for choosing the RLC as a career path on commissioning?
  2. 1.The Guards won't sponsor me
    2.The Para's won't sponsor me
    3. Not even the RGJ will sponsor me????????
  3. Sensible, positive reasons please
  4. Sorry but the RCT were the only people prepared to sponsor me when I went for RCB. The others were my three choices in order.
  5. Read Jeeves & Wooster. Wooster, barking mad useless waste of space, incredibly good at getting himself into difficulties, but loaded and frightfully posh. Jeeves, brain the size of a planet, solves the young blade's problems at will - expert at right place, right time, everytime - pretty much the hero of the piece really. Guess which one the RLC Officer is...

    And if you guess Wooster you're not smart enough ;)
  6. yes, but it was never entirely clear what reginald got out of the proceedings, and the Queen doesn't have the ability to pay the wages Bertram Wilberforce would have.
  7. Why be an RLC Officer? ..... Because you want to is normal etiquette.

    It's only a few knobs at RMAS who somehow think the RLC is inferior to their Regiments, usually because they have no idea what they're talking about and think it's fun to belittle other people.....

    Basically, If you don't want to be in the RLC - don't join...... If it's not in your 3 choices at RMAS, perhaps you need to ask yourself why? Don't come to the RLC "just because no one else wanted you". I'd rather slink back to civvy street than have to creep to a Regiment because your first 3 choices thought you weren't up to the job - How embarrassing.

    (pre RMAS is a different matter - I too, got turned down by AAC etc... well, you have to try don't you!)

    3 Reasons for going RLC.... (for me anyway)

    1. Technical Role.
    2. Intelligent Soldiers.
    3. Employment opportunities after the army.
  8. I'm not RLC but there is definitely a feeling among the pre-Sandhurst crowd here that the RLC are somehow where all the sh!te officers go. In my experience the RLC has a strong officer population, and when I was at Sandhurst, I saw them knocking back the "mongs" who thought that they were destined for the RLC.

    I don't know what the score was years ago, but, (and from an outsiders point of view), it is quite clear that the RLC is no better and no worse than the other Corps or trades, and is wholly undeserving of its poor reputation among the potential officers posting on here. (Such that it has).
  9. RLC soldiers - Intelligent!! What planet are you on?
  10. I'm on planet Ammunition......which planet are you on?
  11. Ammo Spankers - a small proportion of the Really Large Corps!!
  12. The potential variety of jobs would be a very good reason to join.
    The long cses may also flick your switch and leave you with an obvious career progression post MoD.
    I am told by the recruiters that they are turning away people every year..... so there is very definitely competition to get in.
  13. 1. Transferable skills into Civvy Street (if that's important to you)
    2. Little to no arrogance in the officer corps
    3. Huge opportunities for postings throughout UK and Germany with so many Regiments to choose from.

    I'd repeat what the Bomb Doctor says. If its not in your first 3 - don't join. Whats the point in joining if you don't want to be a part of the corps. Anyone who does, to my mind, is blo0dy stupid and should just leave.
  14. Yeah - because Infantry soldiers are the intellectual cream of the Army!!!! 8O :lol: :lol:
  15. RLC soldiers - Intelligent!! What planet are you on?[/quote]

    Yeah - because Infantry soldiers are the intellectual cream of the Army!!!! 8O :lol: :lol:[/quote]

    I can only presume that you think I am an Infanteer? With a name like mine? I rest my case on the intelligence of the Really Large Ones....!