Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by sabotski, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. After hearing the wives bongo drums, I dived into my JPA, Now to ALL that are in the JPA CIRCLE OF LOVE, Its not for a change that, But more so the hEArtless BUGGERS that it may or may not concern. Its the last pay packet before christmas, Yes youve guessed it they have finally took out the - back dated monies owing for fuel/lighting overseas. All £443.34p of it. Firstly i know that it has been posted every where about this , But in one go , last pay packet before christmas..?.......................... NOW if this has happened to me how is a young private or junior rank going to cope... THUMBS UP FOR THE 2 PENETH INPUT FOR THE RETENTION DRIVE [ NOT]!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL [ FOR THOSE WHO CAN AFFORED IT.....]
    can any one justify this!!!!!!!!!
  2. At least you know what your deductions are for...
  3. I'm only surprised that you are surprised!
  4. Not as bad as yours mate, but I just got stung for 181 quid for F&L arears.

    I paid some arears in June, I presumed that was the lot, oh how wrong I was.

    I can't understand how they are justifying the MASSIVE increase in F&L, crude oil has not gone up that much :?
  5. I know that the day 2 day managment of the F&L scheme has recently transferred from DE (DHE) to Land. This is now being managed full time rather than some ones additional duties.

    Before the transfer they found that there had been loads of errors by different DE (DHE) finance people round the country.
  6. Before I try and get involved in this one can you give me the following details:

    1. What was the date of the Deductions?
    2. Where you given any warning these were coming out this month?

    Thanks for your time

  7. ALthough oil is priced in dollars, the pound is strong so oil is only £2 a barrel more than it was a year ago, £45 instead of £43.
  8. What gets me about people who moan about deductions is that you knew about the deduction, regardless of when it was to be deducted, so therefore you should have compensated for it. This the beginning of self administration with JPA, if you can't look after your monies whilst serving, then what are you going to be like on civvy street. Stop moaning about it and get your misses working.
  9. ^ tell that to the 30 odd TA soldiers here that have had deductions last month..and no-one can tell them for it's for.
  10. Unfortunately HCSO office, certainly in Germany, no longer need to seek a signature for deductions for F&L.

    They do provide notification however I have yet to see one arrive prior to the deduction.

    There is surely a case to have the payment month moved to mid-year which would at least avoid large deductions prior to Xmas and the Xmas silly season of p**s ups.

  11. So what did you do with the money that was not deducted for F&L when it should have been?

    Have you paid out more money than you owe?

    If you are paying F&L then you will be on LOA, hardly out of pocket are you?

    How about fcuking off and managing you finances a little better you pointless whinging cnut. There are other people out there with proper pay issues.
  12. Fuel & Light readings are always done in October (Used to be that start of Winter Rates as well), so they get them deducted as soon as they can, unfortunately for you that seems to have been November for you.

    Try unplugging some of your electricity and wearing jumpers !! :D
  13. i know where you are coming from i have got 700 quid to see me thru xmas with 3 kids and a wife not to mention my bills which come to just short of 500 jpa thought it would be funny to take nearly 800 off me i think jpa should be sacked as they can take as much off you as they want the army dont give a **** about familes now i have to explain to my son why santa didnt bring him his new bike thanks a bunch jpa
  14. i think we are allowed to moan my wife just had to move herself and 3 kids under 5 from germany back to the uk whilst i was in afghanistan for 6 months then jpa came in and all of a sudden they can take as much as they want off you (what i was told by a clerk) they did this and took a further 800 quid off me whilst i was away without warning i recived the letter in afghan 2 months later saying i owed for hotels which the army has to pay for due to some stupid reme ssgt covering for our famo lost the recipts but lucky i got it back now they have done this again coming up to xmas jpa what a ******* waste of time its just to make the clerks life easier ime sorry but my clerk is putting in a hell of a lot of work trying to help us out and he even said its a waste of time why the hell should we have jpa thats why we have clerks to sort that shit out whilst we get sent away to get shot at and the sit behind desks doing nothing now more than before .. waste of time so wind you neck in partyr and some women cant work due to medical conditions and children.
  15. At least they have other work.