Why Arrse is great!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by stewchicken, Sep 2, 2005.

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  1. So, there I was looking at a picture on ARRSE of a big busted blonde chick sitting on some bombs in the middle of the desert(Can't remeber which thread). Up jumps Private Helmet Head asking for more. So I browse through some pictures and I stop at this particularly attractive asian lady with really "bury your face between these please" jubillies. Now mind you, I'm in my cubicle with a noisy air vent above my head and I can't hear anyone walking around the corner. In walks in a department manager. "Stewchicken!, this tender is due on ........ :| ). Now let me describe her. Four feet ten inches , nice tuttuts, arrse,very shy and cute as hell but 14 years my senior :| :) . I spin around in my chair with Helmet Head at attention my eyes her chest level. Picture on screen kind of looks like her, I'm sure I turned white , SHE turned red with a "deer in the headlights" look. She squeaks, I get a big grin( jesus! I think that scared her!! ). Silence. I say "Monday?". She says "squeak!" and hurries out.
  2. & what on that above makes arrse great?
  3. without arrse, it would not have happened. :S

    mmmmmm, 1/2 hour again till beers. yum.
  4. Dull cnut send him straight to the arrsehole
  5. You need help, stay clear of the "TROLLS", or you might find yourself in "TROLL" country
  6. Wait a minute hold on. What the hell are you all talking about? I was just going to sweet talk the woman dammit not attack her. If I have offended anyone, my sincerest apologies. I should have expressed myself better. Sorry.