Why Arnt Cold Injury Cases Disaplined Like Sun Burn Cases

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Willwallace, Mar 27, 2006.

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  1. Why isnt the Army Disaplining Cold Injury Casualties, For years now everyone knows that Sunburn is self inflicted due to the lack of protection. So when a Soldier gets a Cold injury in a temperate climate like Germany, Surely this is also a lack of protection therefore subject to the same disaplinary action. But we seem to be awarding these casualties with a P7 Downgrade and a home only Holiday.
    Is this fare?
  2. Its a bit touch and go with cold, with sun its very clear cut, UV rays etc. With cold you can be fully kitted out for the temperature and then it plumbets dramatically without warning or it goes far below met reports. However if it is blatantly obvious then it should be treated the same as sun, its an iffy one really
  3. My son got frostnip in both big toes in the Brecons whilst wearing Lowa boots and sealskin socks. What else would you have suggested, Willwallace?
  4. I dont know if its an Iffy Injury or an iffy subject altogether as Im only aware of FNC,s suffering from it. But how can a soldier be excused all duties due to a cold injury but he can still walk down town in his dappers, jeans and latest fcuk top. Surely the kit we are issued will protect him more?
  5. ruby2shoes
    the brekons are hardly a temperate climate in winter are they
  6. I can see where you're coming from Will but when I was hauled up with my leg in plaster I still had my jeans and latest fcuk (alright it was Animal but hey :p) top on down the pub, wasnt allowed to do anything else except go and say hello to the QM to fill out fecking forms for him
  7. Who taught you to spell?
  8. Cold injuries are very subjective and very much down to the individual. Anyone reporting with a cold injury will usually be subjected to a number of tests at the Institute of Naval Medicine in Pompy (Policy). They may be restricted from further duty in cold climates.

    You can get a cold injury in any climate, its down to the individuals suseptability. Every year cases are reported from Brecons to SPTA. A lot of other factors are involved aswell, but to prove somone has got cold injury due to negligence would be very difficult to prove

  9. Why don't you get a life (and a dictionary) you whining tw*t.
  10. Absolutely. Also once a person has suffered a cold injury they can become sensitised to further cold exposure. The mechanism is poorly understood but seems to involve changes to the vascular supply to the extremity. Heat injuries are acute problems but rarely have long term consequences (if you ignore increased risk of skin cancer)
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I could have done with a trip to Pompey on 87 when I developed Chilblains in an OP during a freak april snowstorm in Co Tyrone. I could hardly walk but luckily the Boss decided to give me watchkeeper duties for a few weeks. The issue boots and socks dont help if you are one of two sharing a pallet in a drainage ditch 2 on 2 off for 5 days and unable to walk around!
  12. Speaking of which- does anyone have access to the regs with regard to sun injury?

    Need to give a talk on heat illnesses in the near future, so would be useful to know the disciplinary procedures and consequences.

  13. Discipline for sun injury is largly a thing of the past. All info on heat/cold is in JSP 539. PM me if you need more info

    Edited once because of the usual mongy reasons
  14. Factors affecting sunburn : Not covering up or using sunscreen (your fault)

    Factors affecting cold injury: Temperature, lack of shelter, wind, wet, lack of food / water, workload, tiredness, clothing. (not always your fault)

    Also, I wouldn't consider being downgraded to P7 an 'award'. Cold injuries can fcuk your whole career up, I'd rather be charged anyday.
    I think you need to grow up mate, you don't seem to have much of a grip on reality. :roll:
  15. I will take care to ensure my spelling improves in the future, Didnt realise my old school teacher was in. For the silly fool who implied I should grow up, I take it you think it is OK for the army to go out and Buy 170 quid pair of boots for someone with a cold injury even though this will not improve the soldiers fit for duty status and will not prevent a recurance of a cold injury but is purely an attempt to prevent the army from been subjected to a 68000 pound legal bill. Which I might add recently happened, What the MO is trying todo is protect himself rather than act in the best interest of the Army the Unit or the Soldier. The knock on effect now is that many young soldiers seem to be suffering from cold injuries and are immediately reporting to there QMs and requesting lowe boots. HUM.
    I hope I didnt make too many smelling mistakes this time.