Why arent there angry protests now?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MrShanklysboots, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. Now some might find this strange coming from me, with my previous history of having a go at blatantly Racist posts on this site - but...

    Given that we had angry protests screaming about drawings of their prophet why aren't the moderate Muslim community protesting about the attempted bombings in London and the attack in Glasgow?

    Where are the "Community Leaders" shouting "Not in my Name?"

    I heard on the Radio this morning that about 5000 or so got together on Sunday (in Yorkshire IIRC) at a meeting of Mosques and condemned these outrages - but surely they could summon up a bit more passion than that?

    I am not in any way backing up the racist drivel that sometimes appears here, but why aren't moderate Muslims protesting a little louder? Of course they might just be being "moderate".... :?
  2. They don't want to draw attention to their right to light up in airports when everywhere else is smoke free.
  3. I suspect it is as much because you are only seeing what the news editor wants you to see, on the Scottish news programmes they have interviewed community leaders who have very strongly condemmed the action and have stated quite unequivocably that radical islam has no place in their community and equally the non muslim leaders have told the BNP not to bother visiting.
  4. An "actually we're quite nice really" rally wouldn't have the same impact, and it certainly wouldn't draw so much media attention.
  5. I think the cartoon protestors were neither moderate nor representative of the muslim community. I'd wager more than a few of them will have been quite happy to see what has happened over the last few days.
  6. :D

    I remember Tony Benn saying he went on a rally that had thousands of pensioners protesting about all sorts of things and it didn't even make the local news, he said afterwards they probably should have torched some cars or put a brick through a window and maybe someone would have listened. He was joking, but, I think he's right.
  7. Now you advocate violence ?
  8. No, I think he's right in that the way you get on tv is to do something more than just "protest" not condoning it, I actually think its crap. If thousands of pensioners march to demonstrate against low pensions, that to me is newsworthy (far more than Paris Hilton), but it wont be on the news because its not "sexy", because they didn't riot. To me that is wrong.
  9. Maybe the reguler members of the Muslim community were to busy working, paying the rent and trying to bring up their kids to go and march around London.

    The more radical types sit around claiming the dole and seething about the injustice of the system that pays them to sit around seething. Therefore they have the time to burn flags etc.
  10. Radical Muslim Chavs so to speak?
  11. I think you may have a point there. I shall climb directly back into my box once you have passed me my outer garments.

    I think those idiot mittens are mine - yes them joined with the string....ta.

    Heed. 8)
  12. 5000 March to protest and not a word?

    But as soon as that c*nt Choudray breaks wind , it's all over certain media outlets and "It's the end of Britain as we know it" screaming headlines.

    Maybe , just maybe if the media actually covered Muslims genuinely angry at what was being done in their names, it would encourage similar demonstrations.

    And send the proper message to those backward self-serving cnuts at the MCGB , that their brand of representation is not what is required.
  13. I would imagine that any Peace March organised by Muslim figureheads and the "ordinary non-radical Muslim", would be hijacked very quickly.

    Remember the Peace Movement, during the worst times of NI - did it actually make a difference, however brave it was of those people who spoke out. Do you think the paramilitaries gave a hoot ??
  14. Is that a reason not to try though Rab? Throughout history people have made a difference...eventually :cry:

    Oh and PTP I don't think it was a March per se but a public meeting held at one of the mosques in the Leeds / Bradford area IIRC (I must apologise was sleepily shaving as I listened to it on the Today programme).

  15. I was just about to post something very similar, but as you've done it, I won't bother with my whitterings! :D