Why aren't the British police armed?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Matematik, Dec 27, 2011.

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  1. People often say that if the police are given side-arms, gun crime will explode and the UK would likely turn into South Central LA over night.

    However, this has not happened in almost every other European country. French, Spanish, German, Dutch, etc, police carry side-arms and their gun crime rates are similar to ours, and in some cases they have even less gun crime.

    Also, all Japanese police officers are armed, and gun ownership in Japan is HALF the rate of the UK and their gun crime is extremely low.

    Why makes the UK so exceptional that we couldn't possibly risk arming our police? Are British people just thugs who need to be kept on a short lead and tightly controlled to risk them going mad and turning the country into anarchy?

    Why couldn't we possibly arm our police when almost every other country is able to?

    Is it just good old English left-wing limp-wristism?
  2. Is it that time of year again for another one of these threads?
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  3. It's because we have a Police Service which is more geared to criminals social welfare than it is to protecting and serving the public. Weapons are readily available to the police if they are needed.
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  4. Or it's because they don't need to be. Gun crime is fairly low in the UK, and the average copper is more likely to end up shooting themselves/random civies/me, than some uzi toting yardie. Despite what some boring ***** on here will tell you, British streets aren't really like downtown Mogadishu.

    Most people that get shot are idiots, who are being shot for a reason, ie, they sell drugs.
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  5. If you gave them fire arms there would be too many Negligent discharges.

    Look how many innocent people they manage to kill already.
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  6. It's only about the fifth this year.
  7. Where gun crime is low, it breeds a mood of complacency amongst the police - see Norway and Japan for examples of policemen getting cut down by armed criminals because they weren't prepared.

    To counter this, I propose the routine arming of all criminals for all purposes up to and including white collar and bribery/corruption cases. That'll teach them to let their guard down.
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  8. Because they would spend all day shooting ***** that couldn't find the search function.

    Now a serious answer: **** off you throbber! :)
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  9. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Why don't you get a gun and stand out on the street waving it around and threatening to shoot people - I'll bet you'll have bullet holes before you can say "un-armed police are a disgrace!!"
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  10. Police use of firearms in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Copied from the above page!

    Most officers are instead issued with other items for personal defence, such as Speedcuffs, Extendable "ASP" Baton, and incapacitant sprays such as PAVA or CS spray. While not a firearm, CS spray is subject to some of the same rules and regulations as a projectile firing firearm under Section 5 (b) of the Firearms Act 1968.[SUP][1][/SUP]

    The Ministry of Defence Police, Civil Nuclear Constabulary and Police Service of Northern Ireland (formerly the Royal Ulster Constabulary) are issued firearms as a matter of routine. Every force can also call upon the Force Firearms Units, Armed Response Vehicle, and certain specialist units of the Metropolitan Police are routinely armed.
  11. Could it be that when polled, the majority of Police Officers do not wish to be armed?
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  12. Yeah, or do 35 in a 30, I bet those tough British police would shoot me then.
  13. What the **** has that got to do with it? Take a job, do what the job entails. If you get told to train with and carry a gat, then do it.
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  14. I'll keep my finger crossed then :)
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  15. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    No one has to pretend to be tough - I mean we're not Americans who have to call police LEO's instead of what they are - one step up from mall cops.