Why arent regimental colours registered as trade marks?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mr.fawlty, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. Why aren't regimental colours registered as trade marks? Tie manufacturers, amongst others, use regimental colours often, and if they were registered trade marks, a portion of the money from the sale would be a source of revenue for the regiment's veterans' association, for example.
  2. That sounds like a perfectly sane and rational idea. It won't happen....
  3. Thanks for the idea Mr F. I've just registered a few designs with the Patent Office - Horse Guards will be hearing from me shortly.

    A private island somewhere warm beckons ........
  4. According to the Trade Marks Act of 1994, a trade mark is:

    The goods or services requires thinking, although one could argue that the army provides a service.

    Section 3(1)(d) goes on to say that the following can not be registered:
    It could be that regimental colours have become commonly known, but this could be argued.
  5. Aren't Colours specifically designed to allow one to distinguish service providers? Kind of the point, wasn't it?
  6. Good idea, it would mean the airsoft walts wouldn't be able to use them!
  7. Sorry to pi$$ on one's parade but I can think of at least two schools off the top of my head whose school ties are identical to those of the Brigade of Guards.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    So, get them to fecking cough up then!
  9. If they have bot been registered when they where first brought out then it is unlikely that they will be allowed retrospectively
  10. and Tesco.
  11. If something is a Trademark, in order for it to hold up that Trademark in court, I thought it had to bear 'TM' on it, either embossed or typed on, etc

    I can just see tipping up at work with the TRF and Flags all having 'TM' embossed on them..

    Nice idea but would probably cost more money to get into place and impose than it ever makes in revenue.
  12. I can just imagine so storeman detailed off to stamp TM on all the Artilleries Gun of whatever vintage.
  13. No, I'm talking about neckties, socks, boxers, dressing gowns, and other such articles made in regimental colours. TM can be placed on the tag of the article in question, if necessary.
  14. Some Bedfords have had TM stamped on 'em for years...
  15. Hello,

    I believe the Ministry Of Defence tried to trade mark the red white and blue roundels recently,only to be defeated in court by Ben Sherman who had been using them for years.