Why are you proud to be in the British Army?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JWRRC318, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. Yes, I will always be proud to serve

  2. Not any more, this country doesn't deserve it

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  1. *MODs sorry if this has done before, please delete if it has :) *

    Okay, so the sh!t has hit the fan a bit recently, but with all the crap that's going on what makes you proud to serve HM armed forces?
    Has your puffed out proud chest deflated since you joined? Do you now make up a job, not to be modest but because you're embarrassed?

    Come on guys lets have it out!
  2. Is your avatar an accurate portrayal of your actual body? If so can I jizz on your t1ts?
  3. Personally I'm only in it for the baby killing, rape and seal clubbing. (sometimes its seal rape and baby clubbing just for a change)
  4. Yes it is ;)

    And of course good sir, as long as you promise to untie me when you're done...
  5. Lets not forget all the liberated Gold we stole from Iraq.
  6. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    Because I am British and Proud to have served as Many others before me have Served God save the Queen.
  7. cos they let me shoot stuff narfnarfnarf
  8. Can I ask a mong question? Why did you pick the NAAFI to pose this question? Did you really expect the flag/Queen/smart in uniform/defending the country type answers? No, not really. You will get the "cos I can pick up birds" or "I can shoot babies and ragheads" responses. And you will deserve them, as well.
    Personally, I joined up cos Disraeli gave a lousy budget and stopped kids going up chimneys so I had to find summat to do.
  9. Nope, I'm perfectly happy with shooting baby answers, hence the naafi bar, I prefer 'funny' answers and you'll also get a few sensible answers (as demonstrated by pararegtom) from people who have posted via last 50 posts.

  10. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    bloody amateur. its the clubbing the seals to death using the baby as the club that is the sport of kings, the wet sticky thunk when the skulls collide!
  11. frozen babies are easier to use (remember to wear gloves to avoid frostbite) if you get a newborn then don't forget it's very pliable and difficult to club anything to death with it. Babies from heroin addicted chavs are best to use as they are usually not missed for several days, and much thinner and easier to grip.

    Oh plus no one gives a toss about a missing chav.
  12. When I joined the TA I assumed it was a proffessional, well trained, and well led body of men, and that all the typical Dad's Army, drinking club type opinion was out of date, hear's say.
    Now I've been in for a few years, I realise it's proffesionalism varys from unit to unit, (just like the quality of spelling in my posts, varys from post to post!), training is often run by individuals untrained in the subject themselves, and that the people at the top of my unit are complete bellends, in it for their own sense of importance, and to line their own pockets.
    All this negativity and downheartedness with the TA, has done little else, but push me to join the regular army. So I must be damn proud of what I do now, and what I hopefully will go on to do for a full time career. Following in my Fathers, Grandfathers, Great Grandfathers, and Great Great Grandfathers footsteps. As far as I'm concerned, being a soldier is the most proud career one can pursue. It's not a job, it's a life; it's what makes you who you are, and as I read in somebody's post a few weeks ago on this site to a recruit about to start phase 1. 'No matter what you do after you've left the Army, or how soon you leave, it'll be your time in the Army that will be the definine experience of your whole life' Three cheers for her majesty n' all that.
  13. Because No other army would allow beret shaping and own boots in order to remain fashionable. Also with the summer coming I'm sure it will still be popular to only roll sleeves a third of the way up and not put twisties in in order to avoid getting hot. Even though you are wearing German Army Gore tex winter boots.
  14. Lol, Closet_Jibber, you're soooooo negative! :)

    Not so much driven by pride! I joined up after all the promises of exotic travel....

    .... you know, Northern Ireland, Salisbury Plain, Bosnia.... er.... Soltau training area.... er....

    .... wot a chuffin let down!
  15. terroratthepicnic

    terroratthepicnic LE Reviewer Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Runners

    I joined up with a promise of 72 virgins...

    ...I have still not found the town where they are yet, but I'm looking.