Why are you joining?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Aunty Stella, Apr 4, 2009.

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  1. This is borne from a conversation I had tonight with a sprog that is about to go in.

    His answers were true and good, and pretty much the same as mine all those years ago, but it made me wonder why others have joined.

    This is purely for people that are ABOUT to join, not for those of us that have already passed basic and trade and have the T Shirt and medals, so please, no "I joined because" stories.

    You / I have already done it so it is irrelevant.

    I want to know why people choose to join in today's climate.

    Comments please.
  2. I'm joining for the money.
    I've always wanted to join the army since I was a kid. No military family and they're strictly against it (but feck 'em, I'm 19). Always loved watching films and documentaries on war, military etc. I used to be an "its my duty to help protect Britain" but Afghan and Iraq fecked that up. My pride in being British also helped sway me.
  3. To make something of myself. I would hate to be stuck in an office all my life. I'm not from a military family, but I've never considered doing anything else.
  4. Secure job with reasonable pay especially for younger boys like us. Obviously the lifestyle seems suited to my personality and I'm really up for the job I want to do.
  5. Some very honest answers so far, good to see.
  6. I wanted to join from Uni, but my parents were against it. Then I went and bought a car etc on the never, never. Finally got rid of all my debts and can now join :)
    The army interests me because I'm not a normal family kind of guy, thats prepared to live my life in the rat race. Spending an hour in traffic each way to get to my 9 - 5 job that I hate, to pay for kids I never wanted and a house thats smaller than I need. I want to do something with my life that means something, and do pretty cool interesting things along the way.
  7. 9-5 in an office grinding my way through life just to make money really didn't appeal, also from a really early age I've been into military history.
    No family military history though, they would rather I'd do something else but have been really supportive.

    Oh and because green really brings out my eyes....
  8. Got military history on all sides of the family mine and my wife's. And just saw the army as a next step always wanted to join. Filled out all the forms when i was 18 but mother putting pressure on me made me not do it. Now i'm 22 and living with wife and kid means i can do what i want now without parental pressure.
  9. Cause working in an office is stupidly dull. Bit of adventure , excitement. Stable job. All of my mates who were going anywhere erm , have. If I say here I'll turn into one of the people I loathe. I've always been a bit of a military buff anyhow , and I dont see why other guys should do thier bit without me doing mine. Loads of reasons really.

    Family I feel are supporting me , not my decision , fair play to them I suppose. First words out of a girl I knows mouth when I told her were "Youre going to lose your legs". Which was pretty fucking awesome.
  10. Job security, clear path of promotion, opportunity to gain new skills and qualifications, good pay and perks, good mates, travel, sport, adventurous training, pride, honour and respect. To actually live and experience.
  11. Sick of all the very dull jobs ive had in civvi street don't want to look back in 20 years time and fink i wish i would have done that, wishing to leran new things make new friends as all the people round here will happily sit on there arrse until there 50 also have had family in RAf , navy and the army but the army is by far the most appealing to me.
  12. Grown up hearing war stroies from relatives in the forcesand watch documentaires , and wanted to be in the army since I was about 5, no other job has intrests me and i want a job where if somone asks me what i do for a living i can say somthing that makes me proud when i say it.
  13. Pay, Promotion and Training.

    On civvy street you can get training but on poor pay, or you can get good pay and no future training and just tread water (my position)

    For everyone joining the realistic situation is that you've got 40 yrs of your working life left, if you did 5, 10 or full term, you'll still have another career on the other side.

    Life is there to be lived.
  14. Wanted to join the Army when i was younger, ended up moving away with my family, then came back and thought dran it.....popped into the office in my town.
    Active lifstyle, travel, good holidays and pay, make loads of friends and have a good secure job aswell, who wouldn't want all that! But i think you defo have to want the millitary life to join up! My grandad was an RSM and love hearing the stories my dad tells me about all the travelling they've done!
  15. I'm really bloody lucky to live where I do. Free education, free healthcare in a rich first-world country. I'm 18 now so I can vote, having the gift of a democratic country. Basically, I've been given a first-class upbringing in the best Nation on God's earth and I'd like be able to do the same for later generations, as those who fought before did for me.