Why are you awake?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by genesis, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. Well im up at stoooopid-oclock as i cant sleep and have just wanked my self into a frenzy(again) Over Timshels mother,

    Go on, what disgusting tasks are you doin?
  2. First thing, pics of said mother!
    Second, I'm at work!
  3. Shes a right milf!...Well she is to me!
  4. I went to bed early as I have an eight hour drive today. Trying to force myself to sleep was very counterproductive and two wanks and four episodes of How I Met Your Mother later it is almost time to get up and go.
  5. Tigger! dont know your avatar is but id rather like to swop that thumb for my cock!!
  6. Jesus i remember when she had some god awful tv show the offspring used to watch..... wonder if shes done any grumble
  7. It's lunchtime here.
  8. Mr Google says not.
  9. 14;08?
  10. I'm bladdred and I dont have to work untill tomorrow
  11. Been up since 0530, at work and it's 1014 now.
  12. anyone tried the chat on arrse ?
  13. im just back in from getting lucky , she wore all the gear ...and before you ask - no pictures available
  14. the gear ? no pictures !!!, what gear was this.... are we talking FMB and the full kit or just simply... " the webbing ?"