why are we so crap at winter sports??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by intergeri, Dec 12, 2008.

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  1. I'm sitting watching skeleton and bobsleigh and noticing the distinct lack of british competitors. It is the female events but still there's only two representitives between both events. Surely as a northern hemisphere island and with Scotland being an ideal environment for training we should be excelling at these sports? It's exactly the same with ski jumping, this weekend there will be no british team or british jumpers. Which brings me onto my theory on ski jumping, why do ski jumpers with large noses do better? Is it because their noses cut through the air making them more aero-dynamic, i.e. Adam Malysz and Thomas Morgerstern or have i just had way too much to drink tonight and am talking utter pish??? :oops:
  2. Interesting theory, perhaps it would work just as well if you did it with your knob out?
  3. What about Eddie the Eagle? Oh yeah right.
  4. Tell you what, get yourself up Ben Nevis at the weekend and give it a go, let me know the results :D
  5. 'Cos your really don't have winter over there compared to all the places that are good at it.
  6. We are brilliant at winter sports !

    Just not those that the rest of the world do.


    1. Slipping on ice and making a quick recovery so that no one notices.
    2. Name writing
    3. Sprinkling salt on a snow covered path
    4. Snowballing
    5. Sliding the family hatchback off a road and into a ditch
    6. Making a snowman
    7. Knocking over someone else's snowman

    That's 7 gold medals ! Flipping I.O.C. :roll:
  7. 8. Snow angels......hurrah! something I could compete in :D
  8. But we couldn't hold any of the events in Britain cause as soon as it snowed the buses and trains would stop and people would have huge pile ups on the motoways. How would you get there? Huskies and a sledge? And who actually has dogs who do anything apart from lie in front of your fire, hogging the heat and farting?
  9. Intergeri,

    Now it is the end of the season, you can look at the success we have had:

    The World Champions in Womens Bobsleigh (Nicola Minichiello & Gillian Cooke GBR).

    Skeleton Bobsleigh - Womens World Champs - 2nd Amy Williams GBR

    Skeleton Bobsleigh - Mens World Champs - 2nd Adam Pengilly GBR

    From Previous seasons:

    Last Season World Champion, World Cup Winner, European Champion (first time all titles held by one person) - Kristan Bromley GBR

    2006 Olympics Skeleton Bobsleigh - Womens - Silver Shelley Rudman GBR

    2002 Olympics Skeleton Bobsleigh - Womens - Bronze Alex Coomber GBR

    If you are a member of the Armed Forces you too can have a go at Bobsleigh, Skeleton or Luge every year at the Army Ice Camp, which is where Shelly, Amy and Adam amongst others actually learned to slide!

    Canada Bob
  10. What about Telemark skiing - haven't we got some athletes in the World's top 25 or 30?
  11. We have a natural handicaps in terms of lack of:

    1. Snow

    2. Mountains

    3. Funding because in the UK it is a minority sport

    The fact that kids in alpine & snowy parts of the world ski as soon as they can walk also plays a big part, but with sufficient will and money anything can be done. Example:

  12. Cos we can't even run a bus service when it snows.

    Didn't Jamaca have a bobsleigh team once?
  13. The British Women are world champions at Bobsleigh as of 10 days ago you underpant full of butt musk

    Coached by an Ex Army Air Corps chap too
  14. I take it you were not too good at Geography?!
  15. Ooh ooh I know the answer to this one.
    As soon as it snows everyone takes the week off.