Why are we shit in films?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by steven seagull, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. I watched Dog Soldiers again the other night. Yes its a horror film but the depiction of the squaddies is pretty much bang on. The thing is since An ungentlemanly act in the early nineties I can't remember a modern film where British armed forces are shown in a good light.

    examples -

    28 Days Later - rapists.
    The Mark of Cain - thugs
    Resurrected - cowards or *****
    The Devils Own - ******* useless.

    Anyone know a modern war film where we are any good?
  2. The hurt locker where the SAS run off from a contact and the Yank EOD take over and kill everyone.
  3. shaun of the dead
  4. I thought the British Army was always shown in a very good light in the DVDs the nice recruiting Sgt used to give me.

    Joking aside, I can't think of one, maybe (to the layman) BBCs version of Bravo Two Zero?
  5. All the houses in Soldier Soldier always had authentic "issue" furniture :)
  6. They were PMC's weren't they?
  7. Not sure i guess they(if my memory serves me right) said what they were. I and everyone i was watching it with thought they were THEM.
  8. I just remember Ralph Fiennes dropping a prisoner and saying he was worth the reward money dead or alive. Them don't get reward money for bringing in wanted insurgents.

    They get the money when the book comes out....
  9. Well sir i stand corrected. We were to busy shouting at the telly in disgust.
  10. Why are British Army seen as shit in films? Because films are financed by Americans and sold (primarily) to Americans that's for the big screen.
    Small screen 'cos it makes a good a good story, and the target audience isn't the Forces.
  11. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Many films are American, they are justly proud of their War of Independence, but often forget that most of those fighting on both sides were British citizens, in a sort of overseas civil war.
    British programmes are largely a product of a left-wing metropolitan industry and the Forces are an easy target.
    Fortunately the British public, sensible as ever, has other ideas and values.
  12. Fair point, you only have to watch Saving Private Ryan to realise that we weren't even IN WW2! Apart from some Monty bloke who gets called shit.

    Just realised from my first post that all the films that we use the sa80 in we are gash! It's that ******* weapon that's to blame!
  13. Lets face facts:

    1. If we are portrayed in a British film, they are in general, fairly low budget and not especially good and whilst the characters may be accurate the film will be shit. = We look shit.

    2. If we are portrayed in an American film, the budget will be massive (in general) and the Yanks want the Yanks to look good. = We look shit.

    3. Even if we are portrayed in a Yank film and they have no intention of making us look shit and want to show the true nature of the plucky British Tommy, we sound like utter bell ends.
    Band of brothers - British Soldier - 'Cor blimey mate, you're 'avin a barrf if you fink you're arf 'inchin that'
    American soldier - 'Er, what?'

    Transformers 2 - Yanks, looking cool (ish) no head dress, decent kit etc.
    Token Brit, wanko kit, head dress always on (to make sure everyone knows he's them) and he gets some crapola line 'I think you'll find that this is just the start'. He may just as well have stuck 'Old boy' at the end.

    Jason Statham - What a tool! When he's not trying his best to sound Yank, he gives it the 'My old man's a dustman' act in a voice that sounds like his throats been cut.

    A Brit in an American film sticks out like a sore thumb and they always, always sound shit = We look shit!.
  14. I'm not clear as to what you define to be 'modern'. Are you suggesting "current productions as opposed to films made in the post war forties and fifties?"
    Zulu was cool, the 'Cockleshell Heroes' was pretty good, 'The Hill' was unique for it's time. There's more, but you get where I'm coming from.
  15. I've noticed that the sceptics always like to play Brits as baddies or evil psychopaths in their films.
    Can Darth Vader be considered as a Brit?
    Hannibal Lecter (sp?)
    Gary Oldman in 5th Element & other films,
    I'm sure there are more, I just can't think of them at the moment.