Why are we promoting paedos

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by burnleybootboy, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. Yesterday a convicted kiddie fiddler was promoted. Can anyone really hazard a guess as to why and if there arre any ways that we can try to taunt/torch/beat him until he runs away or dies. Interesting methods of torture also welcome. :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

  2. Who was he where was he is there any documented proof.
  3. Link by any chance?
  4. Not sure if i can mention names on here but he did get promoted and it was int he sun. i know he was guilty like a little puppy sat next to a pile of poo.
  5. Shows how good his competition was then! Is paedophilism an accepted trait in your chip shop mob then, or is the 'paedo' tag unwarranted or unjust?
  6. by the sheer mention of chip shop i assume you know the ferral little creature then lol
  7. oh well if it was in the sun thats all the proof we need then....

    bandwagon - check

    Outrageometer - check

    Truth - naaa, feck it, leave that behind.

    if its in the public domain then is there a link to an article in the sun?
  8. yes sorry mate forgot to mention that i saw the photos on his laptop and trust me bandwagon is not the word I would use .Seeing girls aged sevenish being f@cked by blokes was not on the top of my agenda that day i can tell you.
  9. I assume you did something about this then? Do give us the info (with links if possible to the sun etc)
  10. If as you say, you saw the pics and they were that serious, why did the courts martial not bin him from the army?
  11. i did mate hence the reason he is a convicted paedo. He recieved 5 years sex offenders and 1000 euro fine as well as two weeks off work for stress. I got fucked over for dropping certain officers in the sh!t . He was told to remove said images due to the fact some people might find them offensive. I then went straight to SIB cant find a link to the article however it wasn't I that wrote to the papers .
    He did however reeive several beatings during his year tour down the Falklands

  12. Good feckin question fingers pity I never thought of that before or since :?
  13. I remember the case and was and for the life of me can't understand why he wasn't dismissed.
  14. And now I heard on the jungle drums that the fecker is wanting a posting back to the scene of his crimes because his wife, who actually lied to the police for him saying she downloaded it by accident , lives local . You couldn't fecking write this sh!t I tell ya.
  15. Biped

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    Someone provide me with a clicky please, my bore-ometer is going haywire . . .
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