why are we not highlighting Taliban's losses ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sandfox, Aug 1, 2010.

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  1. While browsing the news about ours and allies losses, I am sure the Taliban must be getting a hammering themselves, surely there must be some way we can highlight that fact in such a way to make them look vulnerable, instead of allowing them to portray themselves as a near invincable army.

    Discuss ?
  2. Because thier losses don't matter to them. They will continue to fight and posting any accurate figures in the press might portray ISAF to be murdering scum.

    Numbers are not the issue. Politics are.
  3. There is also the history of the body counts from the Vietnam War.

    Anything that makes this war look like that one is very bad news for US politicians.
  4. I doubt their loses matter to us or our media either.
  5. Beacause Pakistan has a huge population and a very high birth rate. Taliban has effectively limitless manpower resources.
  6. The whole concept of COIN Warfare has passed over your head hasn't it?
  7. Hmm, if it got about at tribal level that joining the Talibs and Alkys was a path to a death that didn't involve the 43 or whatever virgins, and was instead really really really painful and non-halal, maybe it would put some of the bastards off joining up and killing our folks?

  8. That would be the realm of PSYOPs though. If we started discussing it generally in the Western media, it would just be discounted as propaganda and ultimately that would be counter-productive.
  9. There are always going to be some people who do not believe the whole “martyrdom” story, so if you can make the death rate high enough they will be deterred.

    However, far too many believe the “martyrdom” story and so will not be deterred by the death rate.

    What is needed is a political campaign that convinces them of the truth. That is, we are not fighting their religion and so dying fighting us is not martyrdom.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Politics are not the issue. Time is.

  11. From Mobat
    "What is needed is a political campaign that convinces them of the truth. That is, we are not fighting their religion and so dying fighting us is not martyrdom."

    Whose truth? In the immortal words of me, stealing liberally from Harry S. Truman, "Perception is reality, old chap."

    Their truth is that we are fighting not only their religion, but their very reason for existence, their adherence to their religion. If they didn't have to avoid pork, starving themselves during the day for one month every year, make sure they prayed five times a day, gave of a tithe of their income to charity, keep insisting that not only Allah was God himself but Muhammad the Mahound was his prophet, and going on a ruinously expensive pilgrimage to a city that is controlled by people they hate and detest as a bunch of corrupt wine-bibbing bastards who defile their muslim brothers on a regular basis, your average tribesman would have problems finding things to do.

    Making their women wear tea towels and bed sheets and net curtains round their heads and playing polo with the severed heads of their enemies and treating all outsiders with suspicion can only take up so much of their day after all.

  12. Nope, because we are not fighting a COIN war.
  13. Agreed with Semper. We are not going to take the time necessary for a proper "we won the ******* thing COIN war". Our political muppets have spoken, and we will be out of Afghanistan by the end of 2013 at the latest. I know they said by the end of 2014, but standby for that to change pretty damned quick due to unforeseen operational requirements.

  14. 'out by 2014'.................. really? for what purpose? to have to go back in at a later date when it ends up as a fundie state again once more giving shelter to international terrorists?

    watch-out - political u-turn ahead.
  15. @DrStealth: Yep. Reason is that the afore-mentioned muppets, Barry Osama and Call Me Dave, have their big beady piggy eyes on being re-elected, in 2014 for Barry and 2015 for CMD. Thus they have no eye at all on the long-term future. All that matters to them is short term political gain, not long-term disasters which they hope (and pray since they are both religious fuckwits first class, order of nutjobbery with oakleaves), will not occur. Everything in Afghanistan and Pakistan will be sweetness and light in their tiny little minds.

    We shall see.
    Hopefully we shall see no Western cities getting a bucket of instant sunshine because of these two comedians.