why are we in germany?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by guido, Mar 22, 2005.

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  1. I like the idea of these cards we're supposed to carry around to remind us of why we're in germany, economic benefits, relations etc but i thought we were here for one reason only. WE WON!
  2. What cards?

    Ace of Spades
  3. WE didnt win anything!!!!our grandpappies won,though lookin at the state of UK to Germany !!!!!!I wonder????? :?
  4. what cards ? top trumps maybe ?
  5. Top trumps!?!?!?! Comic book heros? Yeah!
  6. comic book heroes ! reading about WARLORD giving jerry a sound thrashing ! guido youve been reading far too many comics if you think you can invade france in a 43! why would we want to anyway ! what have they got that we havent ?
  7. We won, nuff said. Anyone like Germany? I love herford you have to go to the same bars every week cos u can't get into the clubs. And absolutely nothing is open on a Sunday and the banks shut at lunchtime and on saturdays. Just a few minor points but I think id be correct in saying

    England is well better than Germany

    Hmmm mind u ive never seen a German Chav, plently here at 1 Div tho...

    Ill get back to u on that one... I think...
  8. surly we are in germany because of the world cup? maybe one of our forfathers could see into the future? i for one can't wait for it! come on england
  9. Surely if you don't understand why you are in BFG, then maybe you should PVR, and go and work in a chicken packing factory. I suggest you stop playing with your trump cards, and speak to an adult about 'the role of the british army within germany'
  10. we are in germany for a few reasons,

    no.1: I think everyone will agree that germany makes top class beer,therfore they require top class drinkers to consume this nectar of the gods
    no.2: Germans cannot dance at all, therefore we must when these situations arise, perform a bit of the old squaddie two step,chicken dance,random dance,pull a pig dance, to teach them how.
    no.3: Germans have legalised prostitution, now i know this may sound kinda crued but lets face it for us unmarried guys thats the 2nd option.
    no.4: Its in the centre of europe and your near alot of good places to go,i.e. Hamsterdam,prague and so forth.

    please add to this list if u feel it is nessacary.


  11. Hmmm, as has been stated earlier; won what?

    Define why England is better than Gemany?

    The day we read of BMW 'going under' or Siemens building shoddy goods or The Reichstag laying down and doing what Bush wants or the junge Frau dropping sprogs at the age of 13 years old by default is half way to England being 'well better' than the Vaterland again.

    On taking your rose tinted specs off, you may find we are a top league people in a second rate, third world country run by a fifth rate dictatorship that Mugabee would ridicule. :wink:
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I see SMS speak is alive and well in Herford and in no way makes you a chav......... :roll:
  13. And maybe you should shut the fcuk up. I know why we're here mincer, to fill our tax free cars up for next to nothing, smoke and drink ourselves into oblivion night after night and fight germans regularly. I just don't see why we gotta carry a card about to remind us. What's all this about chicken packing factories? Are you strange?
  15. And chicken farms are where Bdes love to set up shop. Oh the memories and not forgetting the smell. The crack pots? Surely not refering to the staff???