Why are uniforms soooo wrong on TV?!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by frigate23, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. Just watched Waterlooo Road with the "controversial" decision to bring the Army into school! Apart from the usual Army bashing the beeb loves to give us, it threw up another question.

    Why do the media always get the British Army uniform so wrong?!

    The berets were awful! Trousers worn wrong! AND the lads were supposedly from APTC, and were wearing 95 Combat Jackets around a bunch of teenage girls, come on, not fooling anyone! It would have been white vests all around, accidentally flexing just little bit more than usual!

    Is there really no one that could show them how to look ally and not like a bunch of mong airsoft walts!
  2. They probably used the local TA regt :D
  3. OI! I'm a stab!
  4. My condolences ;)
  5. Did you see the berets on Doctor Who :oops: (obvously, I only watch it because the kids do)? Dreadful.

    Almost certainly the reason is that every single person attracted to the 'meeja' and acting professions these days are inherently anti-military so will never have been in the cadets even. Nor will they really care what they are portraying.

    In the good old days, when you had proper actors like Richard Todd (served at Arnhem) you could rely on some proper beret-wear. Even the Monty Python team, a product of National Service, knew how to wear a uniform.
  6. I heard something great recently about the TA. Don't laugh at that... hear it out, it's actually sensible and from me! blimey!

    anyway; I was told a quote: "Would you do a hobby you were bad at?" answer obviously being no, because you don't enjoy what you're shit at in general.

    "Well the TA is the hobby of the TA lads, and most of them are good at it. That's why they do it. Obviously there are some bad apples but we (this guy was a reg) get plenty of them too."

    I thought it rang pretty true.

    Standing by for incoming!
  7. paid to wear it........... not model it.

    that is why i am an engineer. :D :D :D :D
  8. Not quite as bad as the Dr. Who wardobe department, but the assault did make me laugh.

    I noticed that Captain Chilli in the Eyes, had his 95 shirt buttoned up to the top. Not ironed flat.

    Surely it's not that difficult for tv companies to research. The walts do a better job sad to say. :D
  9. I can't believe you're all moaning about some gash TV series??

    People know it's not real ya know!
  10. I watched it too, it was quite amusing* and apparently we are all baby killers and eat ragheads etc. and burn mums of more than 3 people on BBQs ad infinitum.

    *Not as amusing as your sig block though!!! :) :) :)
  11. Are they bollocks.
  12. Comedy Gold Dale, it makes me laugh every time I see it. :D

    C'mon folks get a sig block from Whiskey60 and donate to Holidays4Heroes.

    :D :D :clap: :clap: :worship: :worship:
  13. How? upside down? inside out? back to front?
  14. Trousers tucked into boots, ultimate CCF thing to do.
  15. Not as amusing as the one on RP for Pip!!!!

    Pip Ahoy!!!!!!!