Why are theyre so many Scots in the SAS?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by poodpood, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. Because they're all 'ard as knives, obviously. :lol:
  2. It's the food and the weather up here, mate. SAS Selection is
    nothing after 18 years of porridge and p*****g rain!
  3. I'm not knocking it, I'm Scottish myself, but just about every other accent you hear when you're in the hallowed company of 'them' is a Scottish one.
  4. "They" aren't full of Scotsmen, it's just that many of them are given a bogus Caledonian heritage as part of the legend-building process, along with a full-on Jockinese course at DLS followed by immersion training in both rural and urban Scottish environments. This part of Selection is very, very secret and I'll probably get slotted for mentioning it. An even tinier and more secretive cadre of "Them" are given Welsh legends, and don't believe all that stuff about "Fiji Bob" either...

    For example "Sarf Lahndun Boy Warrior" Andy "Andrew" McNab is actually called Tarquin, is a minor Baronet and went to Ampleforth. He was commissioned into a Cav Regt. with impossibly tight trousers, but on becoming one of "Them" was re-assigned as a Cockney tearaway/ scamp as his SAS legend. This is utterly true, I read it in a book on the Walt shelf at Waterstones.

  5. Apparantly they were tempted by the offer of free fags and Buckfast.
  6. Have you ever seen the destruction in Falkirk town centre on a Saturday morning? That my friends is why there are so many porridge wogs in the hooligan fraternity.

    BTW, it was formed by Scots, so why not!!
  7. Thats a terrible thing to say. The 'BAIRN's' are a friendly race :lol:. The fact is Up here, when they advertise 22, they tell you that you get the chance to Mallet Mash Men :wink: ..
  8. I've worked with quite a few of "them" as you like to call 'em, and have never heard a jock accent. Infact all bar one afrikaans bloke had fairly non discript southern accents
  9. I can only speak as I find...I'll never forget that night on the lash with my ack who took me home to meet his mum. After drinking was over we moved on to eating and went for a fish supper. The bloke in front of us wanted a bread roll but was politely refused by the Tally. "Gie us wan o them safties there" "Sorry pal but they're for tomorrow" "Aff feck yerself, ye £$%^&*"

    The chap, who was a large as he was unintelligible through drink, promptly walked out the chippy, wrested a park bench (!!) from the ground and threw it through the plate glass window of the chip-shop! Everyone in the chip shop queue glanced up, and then moved one step nearer the counter. The head Tally meanwhile picked up his fish knife and gave chase...
  10. You've touched upon something I've given a lot of thought to,mostly in those private moments where one can think alone,sat in the office bogs.

    Why is it these 100% factual accounts of special operations life, that members of such units should have :

    a) come from a semi broken home,where there dad was in the forces,drank too much,hit the kids,and mum always cried.
    b) saw their first fatal/semi fatal injury when they were under 9 years old (dead body on a building site/falling space craft debris/being stabbed by a branch.
    c) have a really rough time in some cr*p-hat unit,try for the para's/marines, but have a run in with some beastly NCO type.
    d) be from the west country or london.

    Answers answers answers!
  11. Good grief, man...
    its all a PR spin...what would polite society think if all the Badass ' hardcase killers were to be revealed as having been brought up silver spoon proper in a loving home nurtured by an accountant dad and flowershop mum?

    It would rip the fabric of the phychological/psychiatric world from end to end and make ' normal' folk question morals and upbringing and the British public school system.

    No, best to let the punters believe that to go out and do unspeakably nasty sh*t to those who would harm Queen and country come brom broken homes and low/poverty level neighbourhoods where being tough is a 'survival skill' for living..

    can't possibly have one of the SAS/SBS types crashing from a helo through an embassy window and shouting to the troops.. " I say, would someone please pop that chap, that's a good fellow "

    no one would believe it on the six o'clock news...
  12. It is my clear recollection that the most evil PTIs were jocks. The most vindictive redcaps were jocks. The guys in the blocks closest to neanderthal man were jocks. When we softie southerners describe them as hard, they are very very hard. Upbringing I suppose. Maye being raised on formula milk explains it - if put to the tit when young they would have bitten it off!
    No - it's OK guys. I live there now and I really do like you.
  13. My Walt isn't a Haggis-chumping-skirty-boy so does that mean he isn't a Walt or that he is and if her were a Haggis-chumping-skirty-boy, would that make him more likely or less. I'm confused !

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