Why are there so many dates in peoples signatures.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ilikechips, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. I dont mean this in a nasty way, and it is helpful for finding people who are starting either around or the same time as you, but why all of a suddent does every potential recruit seem to have every single date connected with their application on their signature block?

    You cant really get to know someone really that well till you meet them, and work with them, so while it might seem a slight stress relief knowing someone that you met on arrse before you go to basic, surely you will get to know them in the same way through training, regardless of arrse or not?

    It interests me purely because you have all these dates listed, like interview dates, application started dates, adsc dates, pre selection dates, dates of enlistment. There are not that many people who start pirbright every week, say 120 ish max? If you inadvertantly accidently drop a few clues here and there in conversation, and have all your dates plastered over the place, I wouldnt be suprised if more often than not, some of your training staff know who your arrse persona is the day you arrive.

    Plus its not paranoia, but think of all the people that could be lurking around on here, with all that information etc. Yeah im not necessarily saying dont post it, but if its all in every signature of yours. Its almost making it easy for someone or some people to piece information together without even having to make an effort, or looking too far, just keep an eye on your profile.

    By all means im sure pretty much all of you will never break OPSEC or anything, but take a step back when you are thinking of joining this Queen's army, and think that if you are this leaky with your own info at this stage of application, how could it look to someone when they consider you for something important, and know that you are that leaky.

    It's of little concern at this stage of your career I guess, but im just thinking of the wider picture.

    ps those signatures do annoy me, but thats not why I made this post.
  2. Some people do make it bloody obvious who they are, and not always in a good way. I suppose it's a measure of progression though; one step closer to the goal. Slightly more positive than the rant against humanity that forms my current signature.
  3. it's a race and YOU'RE LOSING IT
  4. Hey I'm all for the idea of it, especially with the Army filling up and/or being full in many trades at this point. The length of time some people are having to wait, or will have to wait, is showing their dedication, looking at some signatures some people have an age to wait, and at some point some of these guys that have had a long wait, will win medals, and not just for being in the sandy country in the first place.

    Just as Bravo_Zulu says, sometimes its really obvious to figure out who you are. If we can, so can somebody else thats not as nice or caring as the fine members of the British Army. Sometimes you also dont realise how easy it can be to piece together little bits of information, and in one of the greatest "small world coincidence factories" that is the army, sometimes things can come back to bite you.
  5. Im convinced Ive lost the race of life allready.

    Which race are you referring to? :twisted:
  6. The race of who can fill in all the dates in their signature the fastest I guess. That's why people have them, right?
  7. I dont need to have a race, I've been enlisted for a while.
  8. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    I've seen the thread that PA refers to and some of the points are entirely valid and some are just bone. I suppose the feeling is that it can take an awfully long time to get enlisted and candidates are merely showing what stage they're at and how far they've come. Don't forget that for some, even getting through something like ADSC is a seriously big deal and something to feel quite pleased about. As for OPSEC issues, that's why we have moderators! :wink:
  9. It's not there so we can try and meet people and stuff, it's there so people can get a gander of roughly how long the application process takes, and what's involved in it, plus the waiting periods between different stages. I think it's innocent and helpful. That's the only reason I started doing it, I started it when I first started my app.
  10. Maybe they have turned off the MLAR floodgates..or alternatively, i'm surprised they even manage to get people excited ;)

    Well, fair enough but to be honest you'd be highly lucky to get any 2 time scales remotely similar these days. As well as that, as before mentioned, say you post these dates, and someone in the recruitment/ training process recognises it's you from what you are saying (could be rare but it has happened before [citation needed]), you could have been a c0ck elsewhere in other posts (optional), you'll be in a world of hurt/ humilation early on, and if you haven't been a c0ck, you'll be in a world of humilation. :wink:
  11. I say good on them, their obviously proud of what their about to become and what they are doing and want to show it off, and so they should.

    Good luck to all of them. :D
  12. Exactly what your man above outlined, we are very fcuking proud and so far up our own arrses that we want to show it off to everyone.

    Dave 8)
  13. Im extremely proud of what ive achieved upto now with the army, blatantly nothing compared to actually passing out and serving with a unit but upto now ive just been a chef for 6 years and passing ADSC surpasses that by a mile. but to be fair im guilty of trying to network with future soldiers as you can tell by my sig but nevermind if it annoys people then they should just ignore it :p
  14. Exactly... Why waste the energy it takes to type out a virtual whinge-fest over nothing more than a few dates in many aspiring soldier's forum signatures.