Why are there not more members ranting on the Compo thread

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tropper66, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. tropper66

    tropper66 Crow

    [align=justify] title says it all
  2. sillyboy

    sillyboy Crow

    Honestly ? Because even if you were leading a cavalry charge to a swimming pool full of teenage c*nt never mind a compo thread id run the other way..Theres an army of old chaps on here who caught their fingers in a Saxon door at some point, pester them
  3. Fully agree - those ration packs are awful.
  4. Perhaps they are - fed up?

  5. 81cufc

    81cufc War Hero

    People moan about the food in the cookhouse, which I have no problem with & I have no problem with Rat packs either. Perhaps they're fussy or I just don't give a feck/am apprciative of having a warm meal?

    I have to say I like the choc pudding rat pack hhhhhmmmm!

    Edited to add: This is why I personally am not moaning about them. :D
  6. I would scoff rat packs all the time if I could.
  7. sharkie

    sharkie Old-Salt

    I used to hate them, then after 3 months on mre (meals refused by ethiopians) i think they are brilliant
  8. No real reason. Its a personal thing. No-one likes you.
  9. Babies Heads mmmmmmmmmmmmm!