Why are there no (good) courses in august?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Ranger, Jul 18, 2005.

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  1. well?

    I Am has sent me
  2. Block leave.

    End of thread?
  3. lol, funny kunt. I guess it is the end.
    But tell me this....thats when most of us stabs get our hols, so what gives?
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    All Schools of ??? = August = Block leave. The fact that this is when most young TA Soldiers are available to do courses is not a factor in their thinking, sadly enough. If they are Students, August is ideal; if they are young singlies, August is ideal (no point going on Hols when there's anklebiters everywhere).

    I'm sure that, with the greater integration of the TA this problem will be solved, and the various Schools will be made to train in the Summer Hols.......
  5. And if they are school teachers or university / college lecturers...? ...that aren't so young? ...is august not an ideal time for the older singlies?

    There are very limited TA career prospects for those working in the education sector, as they are less able to do the courses they need for promotion, trade qualifications, etc, due to that little issue of not being allowed to have time off in termtime. This invariably means doing an attachment to a regular unit, or in-house work, over the summer which then starts to alienate.

    Obviously, we're not asking for the whole of the British Army to give up their annual summer leave, but it might be a good idea if perhaps every 2/3 years they ran certain courses over the summer which wouldn't be normally. E.g. SMC, certain trades / instructor courses, that seem to all be crammed in between March and June, but then don't feature anywhere else in the training year.

    My other bug-bear... which I'm sure has come up by others in another thread... is when they cancel courses with only a few weeks / couple of months notice because 'there wasn't enough interest' - ffs, they have obviously already booked the facilities and equipment well in advance, so whether there are 3 or 12 people down for the course, they should still run it. I had done a lot of wheeling and dealing over the course of the year to get time off from work to do a certain course which I had been waiting for for several years (couldn't do previously due to work commitments), only to have it cancelled at a time when it was too late to wangle a different leave date. Do they not realise the hassle it takes to get 2 consecutive weeks off. It could be years (again) before I can get on the course... in which time, I'll have been overtaken by younger guys in terms of promotion.

    Perhaps they should start running an OU type scheme, where you attend the course over a series of weekends instead of a solid fortnight, with 'homework' in between. A bit too radical?....
  6. I think PTC at ITC Wales is run during August - always a good course, unless you want to do it in Jan/Feb?

  7. Several comments...

    Even TA instructors need soem time of with family, it is term time, time to go soem where hot and suffer cliamte ills.

    Bit well for LDSTT, from late June till August, we have to compete fr accomodation with cadet annaul camps, and they tend to win. WE cant even get accomodation for team admin.

    So even if we wanted to run courses, the logistics is very awkward.

  8. Oh yes the 'dumb' infantry :?: I found it very easy to do most of my initial (infantry) training without it effecting my school work but on transferring (now a higher rank) I find the 6th formers/students/teachers can't get courses because they are studying.
  9. Virtually all the training areas are booked by cadet forces and to a lesser extent TA units getting their annual camp in. Combine this with soldiers wanting time off with their school age children and block leave makes a lot of sense.
  10. Not so sure, many units I've been in had a sizeable student population and soldiers with school age children quite few in comparison. Its not so bad in my current unit but my previous unit had all of its most able Siggies unable to attend as the camp was at the start of the school year.

    I've also got several operators (6th formers/uni) in my troop that I can't get to Class 2 as we can't get courses.
  11. You could always sweep-out your Drill Halls if you're that desparate for a days pay - otherwise, f*ck off on holiday like every other f*ck*r!!!