Why are the Inf being so dull?

Come on chaps, I understand you've got lots of things to worry about at the moment, what with 'Futyoor Armee Structshure' ('Wot dat, Mungo?'), but damnit, you're still supposed to be the teeth arm.

So bring back the amusing threads you used to have on here, picking on the CSS arms - that was funnee.

Or amusing things your lads have got up to on the town which a Cfn just wouldn't dare do.

Or when you were all giving Comd 12 Mech a mighty slagging - great stuff!

Or dogmonkey's awards for Ex IRON something - bring that back! (Bravo_Bravo, you can tell us about "this one time, on TA camp, when this coach company got totally lost on the way to the training area" - only kidding, only kidding...)

Come on lads, the rest of the site just doesn't have the charisma it used to - I'm sick of medics, signallers, and bloody engineers. Even the mighty artillery board is a bit quiet.

So start sparking fellas. You may not be the sharpest tools in the box, but, gold-darnit, you can swing the lantern like no-one else...
sorry most of us are a bit busy at the mo
Well here's one to get the thread kicked off again. G3 snobbery rules!

From Woopert in the RLC forum (you can check the whole thread there on:


There's also the old "G3 snobbery" issue with some inf types. If there are a glut of applicants looking to transfer in then the benchmark for acceptance also has to include a desire to do the job not just the need to have one. Any officer/soldier who constantly bangs on about how pump field skills are in the RLC, or how better things were done in the inf is not going to win friends and influence people, and to be blunt about it, I think anyone adjusting from one situation to another is likely to fall into that trap to some extent to try and make sense of the changes going on around them.

The RLC is now way past being a "commissioner of last resort" at RMAS and are actively pointing candidates towards other cap-badges as we are over-subscribed. Just like every organisation you get good, bad, and indifferent, but I don't necessarily see there being such a huge skill shortage that we have to look to recruit ex-inf en masse when we can have the inf skill base attached to unit formations when needed. I do see the logic however of retaining experience and accepting those willing to make the transition but it has to be managed carefully.

For real???
I'm sick of bloody Sappers too...the sooner my transfer to, oooh I don't know, the Dental Corps, comes through, the better! :D

And, although I don't usually have much time for the REME, there ain't much that yer typical
'Cfn wouldn't dare do'. Take a trip to the Garrison Workshops bar in Hohne for living proof of the above :twisted:
I remember op fingal in 2003-2004 we were the lowly ta force protection coy in camp souter, kabul. the REMF's answer to the SAS. 45FD sp sqn were there at the same time and provided us with endless laughs....

1. there was a pti sgt who wore his crossed swords on his Helly Hanson Lifa t-shirt.(gay or what).

2. another SNCO who coloured his sling with black pen to make it like dpm.

3. same SNCO who cut out the drab green tape into little shapes and stuck them on his magazines.

4. the engineers who wanted to be infantry. only going out in WMIKS when it was dry and sunny.

5. same engineers who were dying to do patrols but had 2 land rovers following them to carry their daysacks, helmets, respirators...........

6. the best one was somebody high up in the sqn decided that his men needed some training before going on patrol. so they decided to dress some plonker up in afghani clothes, arm him with a AK and hold a blank firing ex without telling the gaurd, qrf and the rest of the camp.

Yes I know we are all one army but these guys were spanners.........
come_to_arrest_the_zulus said:
I'm afraid we are all leaving the inf to join the ACF 8)
And why not. They have a far better TV recruiting campagn than the grown up army ever had.


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Speedy said:
come_to_arrest_the_zulus said:
I'm afraid we are all leaving the inf to join the ACF 8)
And why not. They have a far better TV recruiting campagn than the grown up army ever had.
News to me Speedy. I didn't realise that the ACF were recruiting transvestites. :wink:
OK then Gizzit how about this one....

Once upon a time in a Country Known as Northern Ireland, when it was actually dangerous, there was a band of men known as the Ops Company who worked from a great Castle called Bessbrook Mill (in the days before you were allowed to Lisburn on the pop every night)..... anyway, we had a CSE show one night, the bloke who swallows rubiks cubes and pool balls only to produce them again etc, etc. When he had finished his act he invited members of the ARB to show off their party tricks whilst the band was setting up.

A few minutes later, he who shall only be known as Bri stepped up to the stage with a pint of beer in his hand, downed it in a oner, dropped his keks, layed on his back and pulled his knees to his chest. With one almightly squeeze he jetted water from his grinner with such a force it shot half way across the room, clearing the pool table. The Crowd was absolutely stunned, including our assistant adjutant (who was female) the place when absolutely silent for about 5 seconds (whilst the tumble weed blew across the room) then everybody roared the place down.

Bri, on the invite form the bloke who eats everything, had stuck a fire hose up his jacksey and minced all the way from the top floor of the mill with a rectum full of water.

Happy now.....

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