Why are the Gurkhas still waiting?


Gurkhas demand government action
Former Gurkha soldiers who are fighting for the right to settle in the UK are seeking a High Court injunction to force the government to take action.

Last September, the court ruled that immigration rules denying Gurkhas who retired before 1997 an automatic right to stay in the UK were unlawful.

Campaigners complain the cases of more than 1,300 Gurkhas wanting to settle in Britain are still awaiting reviews.
It is always delightful to see Joanna Lumley on the television.
But to see her once again standing outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London to plead the case for the Gurkhas is baffling. Was this issue not resolved last year when the Gurkhas won a famous legal victory against the Government that would allow them to remain in the country for which they had fought? Apparently not.

The Home Office was told in September by Mr Justice Blake that the immigration rules it applied to the Gurkhas, allowing only those discharged from the Army after 1997 to stay, were unlawful, ambiguous and irrational. Yet nothing has happened since. The Home Office says that it needs to consult widely across Whitehall; and it is surely the case that the wheels of bureaucracy grind exceeding slow. But as Miss Lumley pointed out, many of the Gurkhas affected are growing old. Many do not have the welfare opportunities that are available to asylum seekers because they are in a sort of legal limbo. There is a suspicion that the Government is dragging this matter out in order to reverse the judgment or to save money; yet the Gurkhas are not asking for money, just for the right to stay in the country that owes them a debt of honour.



This is absolutely disgusting behaviour by Jackboot Jaqui. One of the responses to the article was that the gobment should: "make good on its promise". It's nothing to do with that. They now have to comply with a legal ruling.

It's another typical case of the gobment being bad losers and deliberately dragging their heels "just coz we can".



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Lets face it. Do we expect anything else from this shower of gob shiites that are in power? Weasley rodenty fukk faces the lot of them.


Maybe our poor old Ghurkha friends should claim political Asylum or that they have been badly treated at the hands of American and British interrogators...Our shameful government would then only be to willing to fork out the cash and benefits.......

SHAMEFUL :x :x :x :x
Jackboot Jacqui and her communist comrades are far too busy letting in every islamic militant they can knowing full well these scum will be given citizenship and will duly vote for Liarbore when they have what will probably be their last election some time next year.

Their last election,because by the time the next one would be due,they will have aboloshed any remaining vestage of democracy in Britain.

Letting in Gurkhas could delay this as this group is far more likely to vote for the Conservatives.


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wevers said:
Maybe our poor old Ghurkha friends should claim political Asylum or that they have been badly treated at the hands of American and British interrogators...Our shameful government would then only be to willing to fork out the cash and benefits.......

SHAMEFUL :x :x :x :x

That wouldn't really work, as they know exactly who they are, can (in theory) re-document them back to Nepal, and it would be a quick process. Unlike the vast swathes of illegals, obviously.

One would have to suspect their is an ulterior motive in this delay, but what? Any appeal would logically have been lodged immediately. I could be cynical and say they are waiting for some of the older ones to die of old age.

Maybe there is just a horrendous amount of paperwork required to process such a large amount of people, and as with everything Official, its a slow moving train.
A travety of justice. I wonder if word is getting around Nepal and potential recruits are falling??

What ever the ulterior motive is it isn't fair to those who put left their homes/country to join an army, give very loyal service and then be told to bugger off on a lesser percentage of a pension to what a indigenous soldier would receive.

I bet if they did some stats (the Office for National Statistics perhaps) they would find that a very large proprtion of ex-Gurkha's are in full time employment and are a very small burdon on government and local services, unlike the Somalies, Kurds, Albanians, Afghans, et al

Shame on this Government and all that preceeded it, because remember the tories ignored their plight too.
tearsbeforebedtime said:
The Guhrkas are waiting because the Government is waiting for more of them to die.

Simple. And sickening.

Reckon you're right there. Lowest of the low, this government. I've run out of words for it.


Can we get the bus started please

I know it wont help but we could at least drive down to london and run over Jacqui Smith, if we started up the bus.

Less then 18 months though and we get to vote with our ballot paper. Feel free to join me and not vote labour.
Couldn't we just fly them all over to UK, import them illegally, and hide them until the law goes through I'd very happily put a couple of them up for a few months.



They're waiting because they expect the Government to do the correct, right and honourable thing.

I know of few causes so deserving. Even if the Gurkhas are scary buggers 8O
So they've won the right to settle- big deal. Our despicable government is buggering about and dragging out the process of implementation as much as it can.

The court decision has been made, but the government must not be allowed to weasel out of taking action on it. This issue is not resolved until every Gurkha entitled and willing to retire in the UK has done so.


Disgusting but not really surprising.