Why are the enlisting age limits for Regs not same as T.A ?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by morganic, May 14, 2009.

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  1. That's just a question i've always thought about, but never knew the answer. Can anyone shed any light ?
  2. I have a right angle torch, would that help?
  3. No it's a good point. One army eh?
  4. Bin the latter then. And while you're at it, bin CCF and the OTC. All wasters really, especially the ones that get paid.

    Worth noting that cutting recent TA Sigs Regts will only save about £6million. That's less than a day of the cost of our presence in Iraq. And only a little more than a few MP's expenses :roll:
  5. It does seem to be odd, as you can be TA and then go FTRS at any age (well not join the TA at any age)
  6. Not only that, but the different Services have different age limits too.

    TA 43

    RauxAF 56 (including Regt)

    With previous service.

    In addition, you can then, as I do, work for a Tri-service unit run by the Army, AND get FTRS with them.....

  7. For some strange reason in crab air reserves, one normally has to drop a rank, if coming from the Army, navy or cabbage-heads. Question..... why !!!!. Legality ??....why !!. Surely a WO2 or SSgt in one organization is the same in another. I know the RAF don't have WO2s so just might understand a temporary demotion, but why across the board, I don't know

    Much nicer uniform and only once a month, certainly a better idea that the TA